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+Clayton D'Orsay hey is the Holonet IRC down?

I have a question for you wonderful people: does FFG offer the Star Wars books in PDF?

I am very happy to hear that a fellow paratrooper has been released. Regardless of the circumstances of his capture, it is a great thing that Bowe Bergdahl is finally free from Taliban captivity. #BoweBergdahl  

Has anyone made any really pretty maps for the Pathfinder Kingmaker modules?

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+Jürgen Hubert Hey, is this popular in Germany like the bottle says?

Woohoo! Installed SteamOS on my desktop, dual booted. #steamos  

Pandora + AdBlock = happiness.

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Interesting take on the subject. I have reserved judgement about her for years.

#libertarian  Hey, what do libertarians think about social welfare programs like... VA disability?
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