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This guy came in today and I have to say wow. Got lucky and no dead pixels and backlight bleed is not noticeable at all. Other pic is just my rig. 
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+Christian Moreno 144hz G-Sync sounds fuckin A, but for 750 I'd much rather spend that money on a normal 144hz panel and buy another graphics card to get consistent over 144hz, but then again, I'm weird with my build choices. xb I'm sure you're enjoying that G-Sync 144hz, sounds like the perfect monitor to me since 4K isn't really Uber popular and you can use DSR to get almost the same effect on nvidia cards. It was a nice purchase. 
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This little guy just came in. Super excited!
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Great card man enjoy!
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Not sure what Nintendo voodoo made me buy this but so far its a worthy purchase. Its probably also due to some youtube guys i watch which made me confirm the purchase. 
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I hope that I don't find out where you live because I want that keyboard so badly, also quite a worthwhile purchase
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Things like this is why I love fallout. Fallout 4 needs to be announced so I can move on with my day.
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Right I just bought 3 again it was cheap on xbox 
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My little town. So far so good nothing big has happened yet except two small fires to which i couldn't handle. Cant stop playing this game for some reason but i'm enjoying it though.
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Though this is pretty sad news its still good news that the developers are not satisfied with it and will work on it more then release rubbish.
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This is what they did with The Last Guardian. Hopefully PlayStation gamers don't wait an entire generation for a racing game, or two for The Last Guardian
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Christian Moreno

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So was looking at some 2k monitors and 2 came up which is the Acer 27 144hz G-sync and the Asus 27 RoG Swift 144hz G-sync and kept seeing negative reviews and watched videos with bad reviews. So that put me off on buying them so I'm asking anyone who has those what they think and besides those 2 what others they recommend. 

Edit: Or should I wait? 
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+Christian Moreno Then go go go ;)
In the UK, the mag Custom PC, or toms hardware are usually the two places I trust when I don't have full info.

Either way, I'm jealous 

Also, for reviews and opinions I always just look for the big things (does it have really poor colour, ghosting etc).

Most monitors in isolation are fantastic, and when upgrading, I've never had a bad one, though side to side is the only place you can see the difference.

So if you don't want to take the risk, go for one of the top 3 recommended by places like Toms. If you have your heart set on a monitor and reviews are so so, I doubt you will notice too much.

When I was a bike instructor I found people were like that about 600cc bikes. Mags would say xx is the worst of the bunch because yy handled better and zz was faster.

Having ridden all of them, I always told people to buy what they liked the look of, as for us mortals if it's your only bike it will be amazing.

G-sync monitors all seem to be in that class. being 144hz there isn't really a bad one 
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New case came(upgraded from Storm Trooper) in and swap it out to the Fractal Design Define R5. Smaller case with maximum space. My old build only thing new is the Titan X next up a new monitor. 
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Show the case
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First time posting here. My year old build with a few new pieces. Not much of a cable management type as long as everything runs cool and and games run smooth. 
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+audrey kharisma​ my old storm trooper.
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I regret buying Watch_Dogs instead of Wolfenstien the new order so much now.....Watch_Dogs on pc is utter shit. Always lagging with terrible frames and I get stuck on menus not to mention it sometimes doesnt even want to start. 
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Its probably your pc
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Was reading more on this Rift and Facebook and stumbled across this article. Must say, its a shot not to the foot but to the head for Rift. Now I wonder how many other developers will follow.
[Update] Notch Clarifies Oculus Rift Version Of Minecraft's Cancellation
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Am i the only whos happy to see more survival/sci-fi horror games coming out? We got games like this(SOMA), Everyone's gone to the Rapture, Evil Within, Outlast, Alien:Isolation, Dying Light in a way. Glad this genre is seeing light again and  the gaming industry moving away from military FPS.
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Have to get dying light!
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