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Gelukkig nieuwjaar! 

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Very impressive talk about obesitas.. but this counts for more illnesses, I guess. The question is: is it the system that we should take look at? It takes some guts to look at our blind spots (that what triggers us is something we might be doing ourselves) and Peter Attia, surgeon, did. Well done and respect!

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Got this link from a fellow artist who has family living in Catalonie, Spain. I think this is about the weirdest Christmas traditions I've ever come across. Funny though..

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Saw this and thought immediately of +Amy Knepper 

Thanks to Lily Mars and Baby Animal Pics at Twitter

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A Theory of Everything?

Everyone seems to be searching for a way to explain everything.

In his books “My Big Toe: Awakening, Discovery, Inner Workings: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics”, physicist and meditator Thomas Campbell sees deep connections between branches of science, consciousness and our existence. At the risk of being foolhardy, here’s a best faith effort at a super-condensed summary:

Our material, sensory world is pure information, processed by a simple algorithm; a probabilistic, digital virtual reality simulation. We are avatars in this simulation.

The hardware/software that the simulation runs on is a unified field of primordial consciousness. This field is outside of the simulation and thus there are limits to what we can know about it. We can however, experience it directly, particularly when sensory input is reduced, in practices such as meditation.

All of physics is directly derivable from the two previous points, including seemingly paradoxical relativity and quantum mechanics:

Relativity – Einstein’s theories are based on the principle that the speed of light (C) can’t be exceeded. C is simply a perimeter of the program that limits the rate at which information can move between locations for successive iterations of the simulation.

 Quantum mechanics – The key principle underlying quantum mechanics is that particles behave like probability distributions. That’s because probability distributions are what the algorithm actually calculates.

The direction of the simulation is towards greater order (you can think of this as a game with a defined objective of achieving zero entropy). Large, lower entropy systems (such as stars, then planets, life and ultimately ever increasing intelligence) are favored because they have a higher likelihood of persisting, compared to more random systems.

As avatars, we are part of this pattern and learning is the key to lowering our own entropy. But in a world full of potential things to learn, what is the optimal game strategy? The answer comes from looking at the inherent nature of the game; probabilistic simulations are characterized by lots of unexpected “stuff” happening. This suggests two possible approaches. One would be to try to manipulate outcomes such that good things happen, from the avatar’s perspective. There is nothing wrong with this and planning is no doubt useful, however this strategy yields diminishing returns because the world is far too complex to anticipate all possible outcomes. As a result, progressively more time and resources are required for further improvements. A superior strategy is to improve one’s reactions to negative outcomes when they inevitably occur. From a behavioral standpoint, this results in less hatred, greed and self-delusion and more altruism and compassion. This kind of personal entropy reduction feels like moving from mental chaos towards an abiding joy and peace, and is what we typically call wisdom.


The broad scope of Campbell’s approach suggests someone who is either onto something, or completely nuts. Anyone interested in forming their own opinion can read the books free on-line:


These books are not an easy read, so you may prefer this recent interview with Campbell on BATGAP that provides a nice overview:

Tom Campbell - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


Finally, for anyone interested in what an algorithm for this simulation might be, here’s an earlier post on “the sum of all math”:


(This image was originally posted by Sandra Bacigalupo and reposted by +Rob Jongschaap )
Animated Photo

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Mindfulness has a positive physical impact at the cellular level in breast cancer survivors

For the first time, researchers have shown that practising mindfulness meditation or being involved in a support group has a positive physical impact at the cellular level in breast cancer survivors.

A group working out of Alberta Health Services' Tom Baker Cancer Centre and the University of Calgary Department of Oncology has demonstrated that telomeres -- protein complexes at the end of chromosomes -- maintain their length in breast cancer survivors who practise meditation or are involved in support groups, while they shorten in a comparison group without any intervention.


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Geef de keizer wat de keizer toekomt en God aan de mensen.

Jezus zei dat als antwoord op de vraag of men belasting moest betalen. Hij wees daarbij op de munt die het gezicht van de keizer draagt, het geld is dus van hem. Met God aan de mensen, bedoelde hij: Doe het goede voor elkaar zonder geld (dus aan de koning) te vragen.
Dit is ook de reden waarom de kerk los wil staan van de staat. Geld is daardoor slecht en weerhoud je om goed te doen. Misschien is dit beter te illustreren naar aanleiding van een voorbeeld.
Ik moet rekeningen betalen, en dus moet ik subsidie gaan aanvragen voor dingen die ik mensen wil geven, uit goedheid. Want niets maakt dankbaarder en gelukkiger dan geven. Maar ik moet dus eerst vragen, dan pas mag ik geven. Dat is de omgekeerde wereld. En dat maakt me weleens verdrietig. Ook omdat met dit geld oorlogen, genocides en democides worden uitgevoerd. Nu wil ik mensen niet met een schuldgevoel opzadelen. Het is meer iets om te overdenken.

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A photographer said to me once that the English do have the best light technicians of the world. I never thought of it before, but it sort of stayed in the back of the head. Now we can agree or disagree about if the song is the best one ever, or the musicians are good. That's debatable, but honestly.. watch this and think how this could be better done. I sure couldn't.  My compliments.. 

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Dear apple tree,
you know it's fall, is it? Uhrmmm..
OK! Never mind. Blossom! Jippie! ;)
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