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Yuppee magazine, news, music reviews, film, sports, travel, and culture

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Is Fashion Art? by Isabella Corbett

_The prominence of fashion within the sphere of art has long been subject to debate, with consumers and designers alike conjuring their own opinion on the matter. Prominent figures within the industry have affirmed the proposition, with the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli having declared that her forte was not “a profession, but an art.” _

Experience Essential: The struggles of getting a job as a student by Tom Molloy 

Obviously, employers want their employees to be able to get to work straight away with no training and this is fair enough but potentially great workers are being turned away due to having no experience. Surely to gain experience, somebody must first take a chance on an inexperienced applicant or else it becomes a vicious circle of unemployment.

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How to work in fashion magazines by India Thomas

It was once a dream of mine to work in fashion magazines and much of my ‘middle teens’ were spent styling friends for photo shoots and lusting after LCF. When selecting A Levels; I had dreams of being an editor in mind and while I have currently altered my career goals; I believe that I am aware of the skills necessary to sustain a career in fashion magazines. Here they are…

Social Media: Protect 'brand you' by Bradley Wilson

There’s been a lot of noise regarding social media. It can dilute offline communication, make us paranoid daters and even cost you a job. If you’re a recent graduate or college leaver, loosing out on a job opportunity is a frightening prospect.

Back to Basics: Writing you a Letter by Laura Hacksaw

Over a long period of time I’ve struggled to maintain the delicate balance between enjoying the fruits of technological advancement versus the nostalgic practices of the past. Let me break this down into something more digestible.

Mr Gorbachev tear down that phone by Martin Fullard

I carry about me a self-indulgent belief that I possess a singular wit. Nothing massages my ego quite like the approval of a good quip. On quiet nights I like to spool through my Facebook news feed, pouncing on feeble status updates and un-humorous comments. Perhaps at this stage I should point out that I do indeed know these people in person, thusly this does not make me an internet troll. So, with that in mind, I swoop on my social media prey and wait for the satisfying “like” from my peers.

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Angelina Jolie - How far would you go to protect your children by Michelle Sotiriou

After discovering she was at high risk of breast cancer as a result of a faulty gene, Angelina Jolie made the brave and heroic decision to have a double mastectomy. When most are enlarging their breasts to give them confidence and enhance what they already possess we are now hearing of women who make the pain staking decision to remove them. This is the difference between life and death, vanity doesn’t even come into the equation. This extreme measure can only be commended not questioned.

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Is Social Networking killing our relationships? by Danielle Stacey

Can you remember the last time that you had a long conversation with one of your friends? I’m not talking about a whole day’s worth of texts, tweets or wall posts but an actual face-to-face chat over a coffee. I bet that most of you have to wrack your brains for a while, I mean why should we bother when technology and social networking allows us to have instant communication at the tips of our fingers?

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Beheadings on Facebook - Becoming the norm? by Ade Lawal

_Over the past few weeks now, the need and desire to scream at my iPad screen and at times shake it furiously has risen but that triggers something completely different. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even YouTube- all popular social mediums exhibiting this trend of displaying gore, violence and inhumane, graphic imagery too real to be portrayed. _

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Unpaid Internships: Make Sure It's A Good One by Marie Alexandra

The topic of internships is something that has been talked about a lot recently. In a time where unemployment, especially amongst young people, is a real problem, internships sometimes seem like the only way to gain some of that oh-so-coveted experience. And if you want to work in a particularly popular field, it seems internships are the only way in (something I think a lot of wannabe journalists will attest to).
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