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This is actually real. Funny.
The difference between Google and Bing
Gotta love the magic of search suggestions...

Screenshot via +Gizmodo.
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hurray! the g+ redesign improved performance on my arm chromebook.


The slowest scrolling page I use on my Chromebook (series 3) is Google+

Persistent Notifications

When getting an email or a chat on my Chromebook (Samsung), the notification pops up fine and works as expected....unless I don't see it. If I'm not looking at my screen with the email or chat comes in, I have no indication whatsoever that anything happened.

Are persistent notifications a feature that is coming?

In the mean time, is there an extension that combines chat notification and email notification in a way that allows me to see the notification no matter what window I'm looking at?

I'm trying to use the Nook web application. It shows my library, but when I try to read a book, it takes me to the sample page and asks me to buy the book.

I contacted Barnes and Noble on it, but after working with them for a while, I tried the same thing on my desktop computer and my laptop (running Ubuntu) and both worked fine. 

This appears to be an issue with the Chromebook. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can check?

I can download the ePub version of the book, but that's pretty clunky and I don't want to have to have to upload it back to a site to read it.

Scratchpad: Any theories as to why Google is dropping it?

I want to believe that they are dropping it in favor of something better. I've been looking for an alternative and there's nothing that does what it does.
-- Seamless Drive integration
-- Chrome Panel interface
-- Instantaneous auto-saving

Sometimes I wish I had the time to write software. :)

I tried the Dev channel tonight. I learned a couple of things.

I learned that I didn't understand how the channel system works. And I learned that the current Dev version (25.0.1364.33) causes my trackpad to completely fail. I have to boot the machine with a mouse attached before it will work.

My misconception told me that I could switch back to Stable at any time. For the uninitiated: You can't. You have to select it in Settings, and then wait however many weeks it takes for Stable's version number to surpass that of your installed version.

But there is another way. You can do a Recovery. The problem is, you need to have an SD card or USB stick with a capacity of 4GB or greater. I have an SD card that is "4GB", but it doesn't work. The recovery tool doesn't see it. I'm assuming that's because the formatted capacity is actually less than 4GB.

Nevertheless, going to Dev or Beta is not risk free. Be forewarned, or at least forearmed with a pre-configured recovery SD card or USB stick.

I'm just getting settled in to my new Chromebook. How do I get the Gtalk windows to behave like they do in Chrome? They don't stay on top and activating one causes the rest of my windows to minimize.

I got my Samsung Chromebook today. I ordered it on the 6th. I did not expect to have it by now. Hurray Amazon!

What to do while you wait for your Samsung Chromebook to ship.

1. Stare glassy-eyed at your iPad 2.
2. Complain about lousy supply chains to your wife.
3. Open Chrome on your laptop and hit F11 to pretend.
4. Create VM on Virtual Box with an image from Hexxeh
5. Go over (again) how to you plan to use it.
6. Check Amazon (again) to see if they forgot to notify you...

Any other ideas?
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