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Support Net Neutrality! Let the FCC know we don't want internet providers to decide what we can and cannot do on the Internet.

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This would be really nice as we use it a lot.

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Nice shot
Taken with an iPhone and Telescope

We don't know about you, but we think it's pretty damn cool that a #smartphone  took this picture of #saturn  behind the #moon  

Two things never cease to amaze us here at - the continual and exponential advances in #technology  , and the vastness and #beauty  of #space  

So it should come as no surprise that this photo (taken by the +Imgur user FunkyH's brother in law) made us want to share it here. As both #telescope  and #digitalcamera   #tech  continue to improve, it might not be too long before we start to see some truly spectacular #photography  of our solar system from those of us grounded here on #earth  

#solarsystem   #photo   #solarvps  +Solar VPS 

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The most amazing thing about the human genome project may be that it allowed us to realize that races don't really exist.  Folks of different races can have more similarities in DNA than 2 people of same race.  Appearance is 0.01% of DNA.

This awareness will aid the cause of world peace.  :)  We are all one.  :)  

"Race is a social concept, not a scientific one". - Dr. Craig Venter, one of the first to see biological proof of this by sequencing the human genome. :)  

The New York Times article ► made it clear even in 2000, after we sequenced the human genome, that race is a social construct, unsupported by scientific data.  

Since 2000, many studies show within the same ethnicity/race there is often far more variation in DNA between  random people than between people of 2 nationalities.  Nationality is a very political social non-scientific label that has no basis in reality, since the nose, eye shape and skin-hair-eye color, appearance are just 0.01% of the DNA.   Science knows of tens of thousands of human genes so far and 3 genes have a role in how much melanin we have in eyes, hair, and skin. A little melanin means white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair; more melanin means darker eyes, hair, skin. :)  It's not worth having wars over such super-tiny differences.  Another article from Washington University highlights the illusion of races being real too ►  

The future is so raceless :) and peaceful as telepathy, teleportation, shapeshifting will be real and make appearance and nations irrelevant.


NANOYOU PART 5 - The Nano Future is a 2 min video about a nanoconcept of human-human telepathy using physical technology, tiny robots that swim in our blood or brain.  Using the same idea, in the future, holographic computers, made of light and/or energy, could assist our brains to use telepathy and navigate other dimensions.  The video talks about the disposable nanobots [the cellphones of the future] enabling us to become Immortal global telepaths. Computers become smaller, so smartphones will become nanobots. Forget email, texting and phone... telepathy is the future :) see, hear, smell, feel, think what others (who answer your '♥telepathy call♥') ☻☺think-feel-hear-see-smell☺☻, full communication :) Brainwaves can be recognized (every time we speak or think a word, there is a voice or brain pattern), as voice can be today, so telepathy will be natural. We'll even move beyond basic sensory + verbal telepathy to conceptual complex trans-linguistic telepathy allowing us to have a communication ☻a billion times richer and more exact than human languages today☻.

In the coming telepathy age we will communicate thru concepts, colors, images & true sensory information instead of language. It'll be a communication a billion times more exact, as you can get a nuanced version of every 'word' or 'bit of info' encoding. ☻Telepathy allows fast transfer of Immortality technologies, volumes of info as vast as the present internet processed in 1 minute by our new brains.  We'll evolve to use a trans-linguistic high speed telepathy & present human languages will disappear. 

Telepathy will obsolete the monetary system even, as blueprints for 'goods' (things are information patterns) are exchanged freely & as pico-technology materializing centers [within human template] provide ability to re-assemble dirt protons-neutrons into any object. We'll also be able to create perfect weather thru a planetary shield.  Compassion & Peace will prevail♥.  


Teleportation will make fixed physical location outdated and nations will disappear as a result.  Anyone will be able to be anywhere. Professor Zeilinger hopes it will be possible to teleport people in a few decades, as the 7 min video explains: Visions 19 Beam me up :). Certainly ☻♥Immortal Humans♥☻ should be able to teleport, why not. :)  Michio Kaku explains more teleportation in this 1 min video ► Michio Kaku on Teleportation.  Nations and languages will disappear and a multi-planetary Galactic Union of Immortals - GUI :) -  (extended to many planets we will terraform and colonize) will emerge.  


Shapeshifting matter means a tablet will change into an anti-gravity flying belt & we'll overcome the tendency to look at outward appearance - looking instead at Compassionate Intelligence. :) We won't recognize people by their shape, form, gender, height, skin color, which all will be fluid and changeable, but by their kindness & IQ. :)  Here is a shapeshifting gadgets 3 minute video ► Intel Claytronics (Programmable Matter) - DARPA from Intel.  What is more amazing is when we can re-assemble subatomic particles some day, so that we take air, water or anything solid and shapeshift it into any material object or even nutrients in our bloodstream (eliminating the need to eat and fixing all molecular damage, curing all dis-eases, making us ☺☻♥Shimmering Immortals♥☻☺). We will then be able to 'materialize' things out of thin air. :) We will be able to shift our form :), much more than the octopus in this 1 min video: Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage

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I’m sure most of us have at some point had Windows- and Android-using friends ask us why we pay the ‘Apple tax’ – the price difference between an Apple product and what they perceive to be an equivalent competitor product. A large part of the answer, of…

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Very important mineral, not just for energy.
One of the most frequent complaints I hear from you is that you have low energy. If you constantly feel exhausted, you may have a magnesium deficiency. Learn how you can up your intake naturally with these 5 foods.

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How many of you have tried a cleanse? What works for one person might not work for another. Click below and learn which one will work for your body-type. 
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