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fortnite: googoobae
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drug lord generator for Tzop Secret
(players have entred drug trade)

drug lords template:
1 machine gun kelly
2 pharmacorp head
3 mac os name e.g. "snow lion"
4 irish grandma
5 the godfather
6 roll on dunkey's supervillain generator (

the drug lord retaliates:
1 bombing attempt (ballisitics 40)
2 2d6 gangsters (30 skill) attack
3 pc resource destroyed (skill 50)
4 pc resource subverted (skill 50)
5 poisoning
6 come up with something more bizarre

their resources:
as a base:
>judges and politicians
>50 base skill

extras: (they get 1/d4/d6/d8 of these)
1 WEB affiliation (may call on one favor from WEB)
2 +25 skill in one skill
3 1 luck point
5 xtra capable bodyguard (combat skills 70)
6 come up with something more bizarre
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running an adventure I wrote in 30 minutes called THE HIGH WINDS OF CAUSMAVILLE
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classic negadungeon
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"the purpose of gameplay is to hide secrets"
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I believe Mandy Morbid. We need to keep abusers out of the industry/community and I believe Zak is a longtime abuser. Fuck off forever, zak!!! #abuseisnotagame
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Top secret play report: (Dan D was there)

The mission is to travel to an alternate dimension and collect the "isocoles infant", a baby with a gigantic oversize head

Their spy agency will teleport them to the dimension.

They each have a special belt with a lever. if they pull the lever it will collapse the dimension, destroying that dimension but bringing the PCs back to their universe.

They are given special pills which will make them grow or shrink in size.

They go into the dimension. One of the PCs is quickly eaten by a pack of rabid dogs. They pull the belt lever. The dimension collapses. They are back at base.

They are told to come back next week. They come back next week and a new dimension is assigned. In this next dimension they are trying to find a giant cat known as the "isocoles feline". Everyone is given pills that let them turn into cats.

In this new dimension they harass, interrogate, and kill a random office worker and then pull the lever.

They come back next week and a new dimension is assigned. Everyone is given pills which turns them into a giant sphere for 6 seconds.

In the new dimension everyone is a robot, and one PC is quickly crushed by a robot's foot. They pull the lever.

They are assigned a new dimension. However a PC decides to defect. The others decide to form their own spy agency. We move into domain play.
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