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Lonnie Ezell
Web Mechanic, Fantasy Author, Musician
Web Mechanic, Fantasy Author, Musician

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Oi! Crap! I forgot to post this one here. Too. Many. Networks. :)

The good news - it's done! The bad news... not sure yet. Check it out. It's done!

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And the frame takes shape! The latest portion of the bodhran construction gets everything shaped up and ready to stain!

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Part 2 of the instrument creation adventures. In which our intrepid hero has to find a way to overcome physics and make gravity do it's magic. Or something like that.

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What? I'm making a bodhran? Damn skippy. Read all about the gory details over at I'm having a blast so far. Can't wait to get her done.

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ATTN: Writers. I had forgotten about this band, but Midnight Syndicate is a fantastic band to look into if you need music to write by.

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This is a very cool idea! Something that I might have to implement soon.
How to Have a Writers' Hangout in Google+

Truly, this will work for any form of creative work in which one usually is locked into solitary confinement. The goal with these hangouts is to have a little bit of socializing to break up the process of creation. At the same time, having folks around makes it easier to not get distracted by my sudden pressing need to vacuum the cat.

I’ve played with this for the past several days and it’s kind of like hanging out at a coffee shop but I get to bring my own cats and don’t have to worry about what part of the world the other writers are in.

You can pick any structure, but this one seems to work well.

1. Put up a post saying that you are going to have a writing date at [x] time OR just spontaneously open a hangout.

2. As soon as the hangout is open, place a comment on it that states that it is a writing date and what the parameters are.

3. Suggested parameters: "We’ll chat for fifteen minutes. Then at quarter past we’ll start writing for forty-five minutes. On the hour, there’s another 15 minute break for chat… Rinse and repeat. If you want to join in mid-way, that’s fine, but we’ll just wave at you until the next break."

4. Continue until you need to log off. If the other participants are still going, they will be able to keep writing after you leave.

(Nina Kiriki Hoffman uses this time cycle real life hangouts. Thanks to Amy Sundberg for drawing my attention to it)

The advantage of the time method is that anyone joining after the start can look at the clock and know whether they are coming in during social time or writing time.

We've also had groups in which some people were writing and some were drawing.

Mix and match the instructions to come up with something that works for you. But definitely-- Hang out and be creative.

Q. Do I have to have a camera?
A. No. We've had people join in who were chat only. It works fine.

Q. Isn't it weird having people watching you?
A. If you squish the screen over to the side, everyone is really, really tiny. The screen rotates so a different person is in view.

Q. What if I need to take a break before the time is up.
A. Do! Just know that you are a total writing wimp. (Just kidding).

Q. What if I want to listen to music?
A. That's okay, just mute your microphone so you don't bother the other writers.

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Ok, I'm impressed. Using the StartG+ Chrome extension, I've got one single place to keep up with all of my friends... right here on Google+. I'm kinda liking this so far.
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