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I hope that you realize all your aspirations and dreams during the year,2014.

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+Tim Bruce, we're all gonna die...


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Hey there!!! Yes!! You! :) You can become a manager of +The Taylor Swift Fan Page  !!! What you have to do to apply is you have to be following us(We will be checking!),read all of this post, +1 this post and answer the questions below! :)

I(violet) and the Team have been thinking very much about this and we are very grateful that this page is getting bigger <3 and now we need a little more extra hands! Also since it's almost Christmas this is like a little fun swepstakes! If you get choose to be a magager you will learn these following things and more!!!!!

1. How to run a Fan Page
2. How to get the news!
3. We will tell you what we do to get our Taylor news! :) (NOTE: You will get these things in time! I will need to see if I can trust you with info that is VERY top secret! Sorry about this!)
4.In time know how we make ID!! :)
5.Have more swiftie friends! :D
6.How to be a great manager becuase I(violet) was one when I started here! :) And Elise let me be the owner! :)
8.How to manager a coummity!
9.Learn how to get followers!
10.There are MANY more things that you will be able to learn!!!

If you LOVE LOVE LOVE what you can learn of the things above and want to applie! Please answer these following questions!!!!


Questions you need to put in your pritive post!!

1. Why should we choose you??

2. Any speacial talents?(Example: I know how to make grafics!) Note: IF you don't have a speacial talent we don't really care! :) IF YOU CAN do edits or anything special add that with you applycation!!

3. Will you post everyday?? (Guys PLZ PLZ know that we want people to be dedicated managers and want this page to be great!)

4. Will you be with the Page throught everything?

5. Why do you love Taylor Swift?And how has Taylor Swift inpacted  your life?

6. Are you a manager of another Fan Page or are a owner?(If this dosen't apply to you put N/A)

7. If you are a manager or a owner of a Fan Page will you dedicate your time to that Page or ours???(Again if this dosen't apply to you put N/A)

8. Email ( IF YOU WANT)

9. Age and how long have you been a Swiftie?

10. Country(We need to know this so if you choose you we can set up dates to talk with each other!!!)

11. Do you have exprenies with a Fan Page?

12.Have you started school?

13. Why do you follow or love our Fan Page?  

14.If you be come a manager what will you do??

15.Do you have special ideas if you become a manager?

16.Can you keep a secret?!? (Like when we tell you CAN NOT tell no one will you tell or not)

17. Will you live on what we stand for?(If you don't know it! It  says it on our cover photo "Your #1 scource online everthing Taylor & Meredith!!!")

18. Will you be nice to everyone?(Even the team, followers, and me)

Plz apply BY PRTIVE POSTING US! :) ALSO using this tage: #TTSFPManagerApplication  I hope these question are not that hard I'M VERY SORRY I gave you a lot! I just want a manager that we can work with for a long time! :) Me(violet) and the Team will be deciling the manager or managers of the Fan Page!* The end of this seach will be on Dec. 25!(Christmas!! ;))*(NOTE NOTE: Some things might change so plz Put this post in a important file or whereever) 

Now you ask yourself! I really want them to see my dedication! Well if you want our attendtion during our time of choosing the maganer or managers +1 our posts becuase that will let us see that you really want this!!!!

If you don't understand one of our questions PLZ ask us we will be ver happy to help you out! Guys I'm very exiced to be doing this!!! OMG!! We can't wait to see you responseS!!!!! :D

IF you read all of this! THANK YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!

~ALSO MERRY SWIFTMAS!!~ #MerrySwiftmas   #Swiftmas  
~violet~ +The Taylor Swift Fan Page  Team ~

Gerald Pelletier

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A new Ford Mustang may get a diesel, hybrid or electric powertrain 
As you have already known, Ford had introduced its new Mustang recently; the novelty would come in the auto market as a car of 2015 model year. 
According to official information, the auto manufacturer is preparing to equip this novelty with different types of powertrains: hybrid, diesel and electric. This decision was caused by the brand’s fuel economy. 

The carmaker considers that the amount of potential customers depends on the fuel consumption of Mustang cars. To increase demand for the Mustangs, the manufacturer has to reach the average consumption of 54.5 mpg by 2025.
The Ford Company is working on building the novelty of 2015 to become more fuel economic. The 2015 Mustang will get a 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine EcoBoost.

By the way, the first four-cylindered Mustang was launched in 1993, which was equipped with the powertrain, producing the output of 305 horsepower with the torque of 300 lb-ft.  
What about the new offered powertrains? The basic unit is a 3.7-liter V6 engine, which may produce the power of 300 horsepower with 270 lb-ft of the torque. The most powerful powertrain is a 5.0-liter V8 engine issuing the output of 420 horsepower with the torque of 390 lb-ft. however, this engine will not be the best for long time, until the Mustang will be available with Shelby or SVT at least. 
The auto manufacturer plans replacing the six-speed automatic gearbox with the nine or even ten-speed transmission, which was built jointly with General Motors. However, Ford will offer the six-speed manual transmission.
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HD VIDEO/AUDIO: Google Plus Week  12/27/2013 w/ Clickable Topic Timecodes

If you want a notification when I post this show, please let me know in the comments and I'll circle you!

AUDIO SoundCloud of this episode:
SoundCloud Profile:
SoundCloud RSS Feed:
Live Viewer Comments:
Flipboard Magazine:
Panel:  +Allen Firstenberg +Brad Chasenore +Pam Adger +Sreek Menon +Anthony Clauser +Michael Banks +Sheila B. DuBois 

01:00  •  Introduce our panel

02:15  •  Google files counter-suit against Rockstar, seeking to avoid East Texas
06:00 •  Steve Grove: Google+ is Google… Plus. (and other thoughts) 
11:45  •  +Mike Elgan: Will the Facebook Bubble Burst In 2014?
1:06:00  •  Google could face massive fines from EU in antitrust case
1:11:30  •  When Will Microsoft Pull the Plug on Bing? Money-Sucking Hole:
1:30:00  •  Costco, MREs, Boar’s Head hotdogs… the usual...
1:38:00  •  Target screws up
1:57:00  •  So do UPS and FedEx
2:05:00  •  An E-commerce spike may have hit UPS hard this week but it's still a small slice of the retail pie. Surprisingly so.
2:14:00  •  Protesters block Silicon Valley shuttles, smash Google bus window
2:50:00  •  Why Target and Amazon Won't Sell You Beyoncé
3:03:00  •  The decade-long quest to stop “Spamford” Wallace
3:05:00  •  “Amazon finds new ways to say nothing with ridiculous list of non-statistics about its holiday shopping season”  via @zseward


3:08:30  •  Judge rules all pre-1923 aspects of Sherlock Holmes public domain
3:12:30  •  Wisconsin turns to cheese to melt icy roads

Coming Up Monday On Our Android Week

3:17:30  •  Sprint closer to buying T-Mobile - Good or bad?

3:20  •  How was your Google+ YEAR?

Thanks everyone! Here's to an amazing 2014!

Gerald Pelletier

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Gerald Pelletier

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Can you take a brief moment to say a prayer for Kayden. Thanks so much.
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My thoughts go out to him and his family over this holiday season. Praying for a miracle!!

Gerald Pelletier

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Have him in circles
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