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Gerald Pelletier

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Gerald Pelletier

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Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary - 1988
(Countach at its finest !)
Few words about Countach ( cant say few) :

Starting with the basic: The NAME.
Countach means ''Wow''!
And IS.......''WOW''

It is a spaceship.It Came from Outer Space.

It is the reason i like Lamborghini as manufacturer.

I saw Countach for the first time in the movie Cannonball Run 3 
( aka Speed Zone or Cannonball Fever ).
Best quote of the movie was when Flash (Art Hindle) said
against Vic and Alec with the blue Jaguar : ''Sucker this''!...
and then....Booooom ! Lift off !
Countach launch ...leaving the Blue Jaguar far behind !
Damn...that was one of the best Lambo scenes ever !

As many people said (and i give a plus to that) that car was every children's dream and was a Poster on the wall for sure, ehh? 

Look at this shape. Astonishing from any angle of view !
I DARE to say : Yes. STILL IS the BEST LOOKING CAR ever made !
Yeah....yeah...yeah.....i also like Pagani Zonda guys....
BUT......this one is far more better than Zonda !

Its closest rival was the Ferrari Testarossa.
(Another favorite supercar)
Testarossa may look great ,but close to Countach means nothing !
Testarossa is a great car but theres no Kontest to that Lambo
in every way !

Countach has some other special features.

The rear use,
when someone wants to park the car with the reverse gear. 
You *MUST open the door and drive the car, almost outside
of the car and look back* --> I LOVE IT !

How about THE TIRES
Those 345 / 35 / 15 super tires never touched the street
with their whole surface !

The seats.
Hmm.......never saw a.........''curved human'' to say : 
''Those seats are comfortable to me'' !

The only time i saw Countach near me , was in 1997
( if i remember correctly).
We had a Fiat 900E , going for vacation to grandpa, with my dad.
The road (for unknown reason) was almost empty . like it was ours !
Traveling with 90Km/h , only 2 cars overtake ours.
It was a white Mitsubishi Lancer GLX and the other one
was a silver taxi Mercedes 220 Ε...
Then....after 10 seconds.......
A blue Lamborghini Countach ''low pass'' with 2,7 mach speed ,
rumbles the road and our ''car'' shake like earthquake ,caused by the wind !!!!!
5 seconds of view. Thats it.
I saw only the rear of that blue Countach with that magnificent rear wing...
And i swear....i saw a vortex from each side of that wing !

How , you cant like this car ? ehhh? 

As my all-time favorite car.........i give 20/20
No less. 
OK.Thats enough for now. Sighhhh.......
Lets see the specs 
Engine : 5167 cc / V12
Power : 455 hp
T.Speed : 307 Km/h
0-100 : 4,7''
0-200 : *14,2''
0-300 : 38,1''
Torque : 51,08 Kgm
Weight : 1488 Kg
Price : (Now) From 282.000 - 533.000€ (in good condition)
#Lamborghini   #Countach   #25thAnniversary   #80s  
#Supercars   #LegendarySupercars   #CannonBallRun  
#BestLookingCar   #ChildrensDream   #AllTime   #LamborghiniVsFerrari   #DreamCar     #TopGear  
#Italy   #SantAgata   #Spaceship  
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Gerald Pelletier

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Good morning, dear friends, and fair time of day... 

This is a photo of my home studio, and my special -- and rather unique, I believe -- gift for you today is not unlike an invitation to come and talk about your art -- and give me a chance to try and help you with the biggest challenge you are facing right now. Click here to read more about this opportunity:

P.S. Since we are in a virtual global reality here, the invitation had to be adjusted for that, of course: I am talking about absolutely free (with no hidden sales embedded) "Painting Breakthrough" coaching session. So just click the link and sign up -- I am looking forward to talking to you:  
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Gerald Pelletier

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The freshly washed steps of the Basel Minster (Cathedral) in Switzerland is a simple scene yet one that comes to mind over and over again. I come back to this image and find it puzzling that I am drawn to it. Somehow in my mind's eye it is so much more. Maybe it is the idea that someone was there earlier than me on this morning and washed the steps? Maybe it is the heavy, stillness inside the stone walls which muffles the city surrounding the cathedral? Maybe it is the hint of a distant view of the river and a maybe it is the sense of sanctuary? Whatever it is, I remember and I come back and will likely keep doing so until I have decided just how I am going to capture what draws me here with my brushes on a canvas.

#inspiration #creativity #travelphotography  
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Gerald Pelletier

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Gerald Pelletier

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The federal Liberals say they can add almost $146.5 billion in new government spending over the next four years, and still bring the budget back to balance by the end of a four-year mandate.

Gerald Pelletier

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Good Morning my Wonderful Friends :-)))

Wisning you to Everyone a great week, filled a lot of happiness >< many positive things >< good friends around you !!

#Inspiration   #Motivation   #Quoteoftheday  
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Gerald Pelletier

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A Christian woman in the military has been court martialed for her faith. Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling placed the Bible verse, “No weapon formed...
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