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Police brutally attack film activists in Thrissur, Kerala. On Saturday, night February 22 five activists of VIBGYOR film festival were picked up by police from the front of the festival venue and brutally beat them up inside the police vehicle and inside the police station. Advocate R.K Asha who went to give them legal aid also was attacked by   male police inside the station. She has a wound on her leg from the attack by the male police and she is bleeding. Asha’s son Gautham and daughter Gadha who were accompanying their mother too were attacked and detained by the  police. All of them are detained by the police at the time of this writing.  

The activists detained in the Thrissur East police station are Neethu, Jithesh, Vivek, Nithin and Anurag, Advocate Asha and her son Gautham and daughter Gadha . All the women were verbally abused and harassed by the policemen. 

 On 14th of this month, Hindutwa hooligans with the collusion of the police had tried to prevent the screening of “Ocean of Tears” a film from Kashmir. VIBGYOR film collective stood together and drove back the lumpen elements from the venue. The police simply stood and watched the spectacle and allowed the hooligans to go scot-free. Even though these hooligans destroyed the VIBGYOR festival office, no cases were registered against them. You can read the report here

A police man who had sided with the Hindutwa elements was involved in the present attack on the VIBGYOR activists. It must be suspected that the Hindutwa elements are settling their score with the help of the  police force. 

Take Urgent Action:

Write letters  to these key people in Kerala to take action and punish those responsible. 

Chief Minister of Kerala
Home Minister (minister incharge of law and order) 

State Police Chief 

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Recent events in Ukraine suggest that the movement that erupted at the end of November last year may be undergoing the transition from protest to power. In doing so, it has also given rise to all of the complexity and pitfalls that this inevitably involves. Even more so than in Egypt, Ukraine’s #Euromaidan (literally 'Euro-square') movement exhibits little in the way of socialist consciousness, let alone goals – a trend, indeed, hardly unique to these countries either. Yet, like in Egypt, the crippling poverty and levels of inequality that are characteristic of modern capitalism have driven the aspiration for democratic change in Ukraine

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Countercurrents is happy to announce that we are  opening up its space to video makers world wide. The videos can be feature films, documentaries, music videos interviews or anything of  political relevance to readers.  We’ll feature relevant videos prominently on the website and share it through our news letter and via social media. We already have a small video presence, you can check them at 


1.You should hold the copy right to the video

2. The videos can be in any language, if it is not in English must be subtitled in English for a global audience.

3. The videos should come with a short description about the content and with an email address to contact producer/director of the video. 

 4. The videos need not be the latest, even older ones with topical relevance can be sent.

5. Videos can be sent in DVD/CD format

6. Send only as ordinary mail

You can send the videos to 
 PB No. 5 
 Kumaranalloor PO 
 Kottayam District 
 686 016 

 for more information you can mail to

If you have a friends who are into video production, kindly forward this mail to them

Binu Mathew

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One of nature's key defenses against global warming—the reflection of the sun's rays away from Earth by Arctic sea ice—has fallen victim to... global warming. And according to a study published Monday, the vicious feedback loop is worse than previously thought. The new research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows the ability of the Arctic ice to reflect sunlight—known scientifically as albedo—has decreased dramatically since 1979, with the calculations showing the region's ability to reflect sunlight diminished more than twice what previous studies have shown

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As a foreigner when reading about Dalit history, I have marveled at the similarities between other disenfranchised ethnic groups such as mine; and that of Dr Ambedkar's . It became surprising to me, that the Dalit were not discussed as much as Black people were, especially since; for an ethnic group the Dalit had over 3 500 years of consistent subjugation in evidence

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The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of U.S. military veteran and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern against John Kerry, in his capacity as the Secretary of State, and against officers at George Washington University. Lawsuit Challenges Brutal Arrest at Clinton speech. For anti-war beliefs, State Dept. instructed agents to stop and question McGovern on sight

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The predicament of the over-consuming countries raises some fundamental questions: how can we call our current economic growth “progress” if it can never be attained by all? And how can we call our current economic growth “progress” if it is based on depleting precious nonrenewable resources? Real progress would take the form of new political and economic models that achieve a sustainable and resilient equilibrium

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With hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas continuing to proliferate across the U.S., scientists and environmental activists are raising questions about whether millions of gallons of contaminated drilling fluids could be threatening water supplies and human health

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Watch The video of Hindutwa fascists trying to stop the screening of the film `Ocean of Tears'  by Bilal Jan in Thrissur, Kerala and the resolute resistance by the people to drive out the hooligans

ViBGYOR Activists& Friends Protest Against the Attempt of Hindutva Forces

Here is the official statement by the VIBGYOR collective: 

On February 14, BJP/RSS/VHP hooligans crashed into the campus of VIBGYOR International Film Festival in Thrissur, Kerala and tried to stop the screening of the film `Ocean of Tears' directed by Bilal Jan, on the human rights violations of Kashmiri women by the Indian army and the militants. Activists of VIBGYOR and the supporters courageously stopped the communal fascists and the film was screened with all support from the audience. However, the festival office was destroyed by the communal forces, attacked the screening equipments and some activists of VIBGYOR were attacked in the presence of police. While the police removed the communal goondas, no action was taken against the hooligans. We, the activists and friends of VIBGYOR strongly condemn the hooliganism of the Hindutva forces and we appeal to all secular and democractic forces in this country to protest against the cultural fascism of the Sangh Parivar.

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The Continuing Deterioration Of Women's Rights In Iraq
 By Haifa Zangana

Presentation in the European Parliament on 29th Jan 2014
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