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Telanoa Dialogue is related to
a. UN effort to define "terrorist"
b. Peace initiative to defuse N. Korean tension
c. UNFCCC's initiative on Paris Roadmap
d. CBD initiative to restrict trade of endangered animals
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Minsky Moment
Minsky Moment, termed by Paul McCulley of PIMCO in 1998 and named after economist Dr. Hyman Minsky, refers to a sudden collapse of asset values as part of the credit cycle of expansion and contraction of access to credit over time. This moment starts in the period of stability that encourages risk appetite. High risk appetite leads to instability.
Causes of Minsky Moment
1. It occurs at the tail end of long period of prosperity in an economy
2. In an environment of spiraling rise in investment value
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NEWS PUZZLE OF 19th October, 2017
Q.1. Which book won 2017 Man Booker Prize?
a. Lincoln in the Bardo
b. The Sellout
c. The White Tigers
d. A Brief History of Seven Killings
Q.2 Who of the following Indians didn't win the the Booker Prize?
a. Salman Rushdie
b. Anita Desai
c. Kiran Desai
d. Arundhati Roy
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Q.1. Which of the following countries were visited by storm Ophelia?
a. Canada
b. Ireland
c. USA
d. Denmark

Q.2. Karot Hydro power Project is
1. On the river Chenab
2. In the POK
3. Being built by China
Now select the correct ones according to given combinations
a. All
b. 1 & 2
c. 2 & 3
d. 1 & 3
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Recurving cyclone refers to the change in the direction of Cyclones of West Pacific Ocean from westward to north-eastward. This distracts the westward compression over SW Monsoon and reduces rainfall over Indian Peninsula.
• During the monsoon months, cyclones in the Western Pacific move westwards towards India and aid rain-bearing systems over the sub-continent.
• But during some years they ‘recurve’, or start to swing north-east, and do not give as much of a push to the rains as they do in the good monsoon years.
• This re-curving frequently happens during the El Nino years, but not necessarily.
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