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We provide a wide range of services from regularly scheduled services to emergency services to customized services.
We provide a wide range of services from regularly scheduled services to emergency services to customized services.

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Washing a car can be an easy task for all car owners on the earth. Right car washing equipment is all one requires while washing a car. Whether by hand or at car wash salon, if you prefer to your vehicle frequently then car washing lift is always the best thing to have. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts while washing the car so as to avoid any scratches or damage.
Products for Car Wash
DO – Always buy best car washing equipments from the market. One can also refer to Tech Fanatics car washing lift and other equipment for easy lifting of the vehicle. Check for different types for the same equipment and select according to the size and type of the vehicle.
DON’T– Never go with cheap car washing products. These might not be so friendly with your vehicle. Don’t buy products that are not in fame and are not branded.
When to Wash the Car
DO – As soon as you find the car has accumulated filth, dust or bird’s droppings on it. The same also includes tree-sap mist and dead bugs. Besides, weekly detailing of the vehicle is always recommended in order to keep the finish in best of its shape.
DON’T – Never wait for layer of dust or crud to get deposited as this may leave marks. Don’t let acid rain or chemical affect your vehicle. Rush to wash them off as soon as they touch it.
Smart move by the wheel alignment manufacturers, the 3D aligner comes with computerized screen which allows easy and accurate aligning of the wheels. Probably this is mere technology approved and appreciated by car manufacturers.
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Even a minor misalignment of the wheel can cause the wearing of Tyre and hamper fuel’s economy. The 3D wheel Aligner machines supplied by reputed wheel alignment manufacturer will have a tap on even small misalignment and help you align them right away. Do not get confused between wheel alignment and wheel balancing. Both are two different parts of automobile maintenance system.
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Techfanatics are the marketplace that can provide 3d wheel aligner machines at affordable price with high quality, low maintenance and smart functioning.
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