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A guy who sat next to me - "News"
This Summer, I visited my friend in LA, California for more than a month. One of my favorite things on a trip is to meet people. I always meet and talk with someone who sits next to me. Maybe, I should say that someone talkative always sits next to me. It's...

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Back"s--------'s" Back, alright. ALRIGHT!!!
It's been a year now since I wrote something on here.. I started this blog as my diary, my something memorable, my writing practice...etc. Well, it has been really helpful. I can go back and see what I did and where I went in the US. haha My grade went up t...

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Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park
Our 1st stop was COLORADO state. Garfy's friend lives in Border, Colorado, so we decided to visit him :) Denver Airport is basically a huge tent with tons of extremely artistic stuff. If you got a time at this airport, it would be fun to walk around the air...

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Find me on Instagram
Hello, my lovely friends! I could finally come to my blog! I missed you guys! The US trip and my school life kept me busy nicely. The US trip was awesome. We came home very safely and happily ^^ We did so much stuff over the trip, so I decided to take a tim...

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US Vacation in 2014
Hola, my friends, from PDX. Garfy and I went to his family member's wedding in the morning and directly came to PDX. Coming to PDX has been an adventure already. My cup cake got smashed by a person at a station. The bus was 35mins late, so we had to cancel ...

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Hello, September 2014
Hello, September is the last month of my Summer vacation. I was looking forward to being in this month, but I wasn't looking forward to it at the same time. Because I have a huge trip this month, so I'm very excited~~!! But I have to say "good bye" to the s...

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Welcome Back My Cameria
I just had an emotional moment with my Camera this morning. To tell this story, let's call my camera "Cameria" on this blog. This story starts in back in 2012, Summer... I met this girl, Cameria. She quickly became my best friend. We hung out all day long. ...

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First Friday in Silverton
I went to First Friday events in Silverton with my friends. Silverton is one of the tiny and pretty towns in Oregon. Usually, the shops and restaurants close by 4pm. There are few people walking around whenever I visit the town. Last time I was there, a wil...

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Catholic Wedding L&C
I went to My 1st Catholic Wedding. This is my 4th wedding this year. You can read the 1st one from HERE , the 2nd one from HERE , and 3rd one... I am still editing and writing about the 3rd one.. so, please give me more time :p Tehe This wedding was super d...

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School Office at Night
  ....... (^U^)   Oh Hello, there!  I am at a professor's office right now. I have been working as a research assistant for three professors during the summer & interviewing people who graduated from this university and have a job. Although I screwed up a b...
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