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John Cheathem
John Cheathem / Hobbyist Designer, Developer, and Photographer
John Cheathem / Hobbyist Designer, Developer, and Photographer

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Unity3D - DontGoThroughThings

Found this super cool and nifty script. It keeps fast moving objects from passing through other objects by casting a ray from a previous position and checking for hits. If one is found then it moves the object back to before the collision. Very convenient and pretty simple (:

You can check it out here :

I hope someone finds this as cool and useful as me!

#unity3d // #csharp // #javascript // #boo // #script // #gameEngine // #physics 

L4D2 Time :D 

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Whooaaaaa.. What is this??
Really impressive and beautiful !

Does anyone else want a darker #halo series? I would love to see the atrocities of war and the effects it has on both sides :D

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Game design // videos

Listening to Game Soup on YouTube. This Channel has some good #GameDevelopment and #GameDesign videos, dissecting and analyzing some well known games.

Really enjoying Googles +'s most recent update! The social aspect seems to be lacking though, but maybe that's just my experience. 

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Game Design - Next-Gen Materials by BUGO on Polycount

Check out this thread for some beautiful next-gen material examples.

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