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Swipe Card machines are a dead technology which will kill retailers
The technology behind Swipe card machines, is older than the internet dialup connections themselves. It requires a card to touch a terminal, then the device needs to dial up to a server, then the server needs to carry out AAA(Authentication, Authorisation a...

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Rise of the Gold barred lizard - Mahindra Centuro
Long rides, free rides, no worries in the world about how far or where you need to go. It started with the Vespa -LML , not these glorified shiny flash in the pants which you see today. That's when you had a puncture every quarter kilometre and thanked God ...

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What it means to be an artist
We have to understand, that being an artist, is the outcome of being passionate. Just because Steve Jobs didn't invent touch screen technology, doesn't mean that he isn't the smartphone pioneer. If an artist uses garbage to make a painting, is it that she n...

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Video conference, always an issue
In 2004, when we first spoke about videoconferencing over 3G, I remember snickering, that the biggest problem which will occur when someone has just finished a bath and then gets a call. Today, that is the biggest problem with video conferencing, that the a...

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Mobile as a Salesperson
What is the function of a mobile today? It is a connector between people It is a creator of content It is a seller of goods and services So that's it, the mobile is a Sales guy. But she isn't the credit card saleswoman trying to sell you things you don't ne...

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Why Tesla's Autopilot crash is an opportunity for Tesla
It is easy to blame Tesla for starting something new, and having a death due to it. Like a doctor being blamed for a death in his hands. But the main issue is that if there was a GPS tracker on the trailer, this would not have happened. So if Tesla signs up...

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Malicious Micromax ads- On phone, not the TV
Micromax phones are getting better and better in build quality and features. My Canvas Fire 4G Plus, is a testament to that. But the evil is the ads and not just those foreigners posing on screen around the IPL matches, talking about how Micromax is ready t...

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Finally a face change. 

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Smart Watches, from Parents to their children
A watch, is a
statement, a symbol of independence, a Swiss army knife. Hence, the concept
of   a smart watch is a misnomer,
especially with regards to today’s technology, where the watch is used as an
appendage to the smart phone. One inkling of the
true po...

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