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Thomas Gaffield
People on the Land at Halibut Point, Part 3  Thomas Gaffield
(1825-1900) 1 Thomas Gaffield, a self-made innovator in the field of glass
manufacture, turned his talents to real estate investment in the Boston suburbs
and beyond. His success enabled him to f...

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Ocean View
People on the Land at Halibut Point, Part 2  Alfred J. Wiggin, Pigeon Cove Harbor , painted in 1846 Sandy Bay Historical Society Recreational visitors began to find tranquility in the North
Village of Rockport in the 1840s. Summer boarding houses that host...

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The Old and the New
People on the Land at Halibut Point, Part 1 Halibut Point, 1851 From the Henry F. Walling Map Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library In the century and a half after Samuel Gott's settlement
relatively little changed in land use at Halibut Poi...

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December Dawn
Restless energies from a nocturnal netherworld dash between states of materiality, unprepared for the suddenness of the day. They experiment with vapors, then condense, dissociate, crystallize. The dawn spies on a boudoir of elements and calls forth animati...

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The Yankee Bodleys
The branch of the Babson clan associated with Halibut Point
flickers on in The Yankee Bodleys (1936), the first published novel of Naomi Lane Babson's (1895-1985).   Naomi spent her early years surrounded by the Babson Farm
which was no longer cultivated by...

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Babson Farm
It seems inevitable that the Babson name should be stamped
on Halibut Point. Since 1632, when Isabel brought her midwifery service to
Gloucester, Babson family members have prospered, multiplied, and initiated
valued enterprises in all corners of Cape Ann. ...

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The Gott Ancestry
 The well, pictured in
the foreground. Postcard courtesy of the Sandy Bay Historical Society.  The
conservative power of the Gott House held off indoor plumbing until the 1970s.
Current owner Steve Amazeen recalls that, during his youth, everyone drank fr...

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The Old Gott House
The Gott House a century ago The parking lot to today's
State Park occupies the pasture to the right. Postcard
courtesy of the Sandy Bay Historical Association Samuel
Gott, weaver, came to Halibut Point from Wenham in 1702. Over the next nine
years he amass...

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Birds of the Quarry, 6 - The Great Blue Heron, 3
A perfect backdrop rises across the water. Its tones and highlights reverse the coloration of the bird. Fractured cliffs juxtapose the smooth coherence of flight. The heron gathers for its moment of ascent. Animation springs from its eye, its summoning eye....

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Birds of the Quarry, 6 - The Great Blue Heron, 2
   In the tumult of planes and space the heron's head reconciles necessities to the alignment of its own perfect horizon. Its body follows, in splendid obedience to equilibrium and its ready architecture.   Laterally retracted, axially extended, the heron c...
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