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The Domestic Life of Birds
Yellowthroat warbler Jubilation from the treetops: My place and purpose are here. Kingbird gathering
nesting material Kingbird on nest Briefly putting aside their gypsy lives birds materialize
engineering skills from inherited codes. Tree swallows Brown thr...

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The Grout Pile
The moors of Halibut Point presented granite seekers with accessible
quarry stone. When operations reached an industrial scale, detritus was dumped
in a grout pile at the end of a railroad spur extending toward the Ipswich Bay. Northeasterly storms have swe...

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Quarry Reflections
The granite industry bequeathed Cape Ann ethnic enrichment,
architectural distinction, and monumental openings to our geologic core. The pits fill with water that mirrors stories from the
quarry walls. Changes in the sky orchestrate shimmering images devolv...

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The Granite Industry, Part 6 E - Labor's Welfare
And there is
no trade or employment but the young man following it may become a hero, And there is
no object so soft but it makes a hub for the wheel’d universe, And I say to
any man or woman, Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million

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The Granite Industry, Part 6 D - Labor Strikes
Industrial production, if viewed as a collaboration of labor
and capital, requires agreement on reward for their respective services. In
theory each party has an ultimate recourse: labor can refuse to work, and
capital can refuse to employ. In the stone ind...

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The Granite Industry, Part 6 C of 6 - Labor Organizes
"No good thing has been or
can be enjoyed by us without having first cost labour. And inasmuch as most
good things are produced by labour, it follows that all such things of right
belong to those whose labour has produced them. But it has so happened, in al...

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The Granite Industry, Part 6 B - Labor Skills
Ox-drawn garrymander
cart and paving block cutters Bay State Quarry,
Lanesville c. 1870s Sandy Bay Historical Society The granite industry evolved during the nineteenth century
from local artisan enterprise to sophisticated corporations meeting widespread,

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Labor Portraits
The Granite Industry, Part 6A of 6 In economics labor refers to all the physical and mental
effort that produces goods and services. In industrial-age politics it suggests
a class of 'workers' distinct from managers and owners. The political usage
bears man...

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Painterly Plants of Spring
Incandescent Morning Oak and cat brier Divergent Success Crabapple and lichen Perfect Gestures Royal ferns Lush Ground Canada mayflower and
moss To Be a Bee Arrowhead violet Invitation to Pollination European barberry Merger Shad, juniper, oak             P...

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Bird-a-thon Lite
The Massachusetts   Audubon Society schedules its annual
Bird-a-thon for the peak of spring migration when the possibility of fair
weather, colorful plumage, and the absence of annoying tree leaves give us the
best chance at varied sightings in a twenty-fou...
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