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A dad, a geek, and a nice guy
A dad, a geek, and a nice guy

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I've never played Dark Souls, but there are two names that I see that mean a lot to me. +Andreas Walters and Metal Weave Games produces some real quality stuff... and +Robert Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord is super-badass.

Check this out!

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On this finest of Labor Days, Cypher Speak releases a bonus episode as its first of the Asset Interviews. +Troy Pichelman & I interview +Monte Cook about Invisible Sun and what it might mean to existing Cypher System fans!

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Amazing Invisible Sun interview by +Darcy Ross​and +Amanda Talley​! Great job to you both! 
Hey everyone! +Darcy Ross​ and I interviewed Monte Cook and got a couple secrets out of him!

Kickstarter Sun Clue Consortium

I'm trying to put together 17 people to make sure we get all the sun clues from the KS. I want to do 17 so that we can cover a possible invisible sun clue as well as day and night path if they are different.

Drop me a message if you are interested in participating.

Theory on 17.

Posted this in another thread comments, but those sometimes get lost here.

My theory on the significance of 17 is that it is the total length of someone traveling the whole path of suns.

8 Light Side Suns
1 Invisible Sun
8 night Side Suns

This is supported by the Silver sun being 1 and 17 which would be the first light side sun, and the last night side sun.

Just a though.

+Jeremy Land​ Happy Birthday! Hope you were surprised. Couldn't make it due to family commitments, but hope you all have a great time!

+James August Walls just clicked on your g+ page and you currently have 666 followers. Just wanted you to be aware. =)

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More tales from our Year of the Demon Lord campaign.  Bringing us up to the current time.

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More tales from our Year of the Demon Lord campaign.  Bringing us up to the current time.

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The 2nd chapter of Reudan's journey in our Year of the Demon Lord Campaign
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