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Build your own motion controlled vibrator. Print it. Code it. Share and have fun.
Build your own motion controlled vibrator. Print it. Code it. Share and have fun.

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Molding the Basic Node for the Internet of Sex Toys #sextech #DIY #ESP8266

In this series of posts we describe how-to make a vibrating sex toy which is part of the Internet of Things. part 1: Basic Node for the Internet of Sex Toys part 2: Molding the Basic Node part 3: Software for the Basic Node In part 2 we describe how-to…

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Basic Node for the Internet of Sex Toys #esp8266 #sextech #DIY

In previous posts we showed how to build a vibrating sex toy in principle as part of the Internet of Things (IOT). In addition we have selected a hardware platform – the popular ESP8266 – for controlling a vibrator motor, gathering motion data and…

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More (#opensource) #sextech projects

There are at least a few (new) open source or DIY projects. Future of Sex reported about a Strap-on project named Dildo It Yourself. They created a website for sharing designs for strap-on dildos. In addition the strap-on dildos is part of a harness. Some…

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Smooth 3d printed vibrator form for silicone molding #sextech

We started with printing sex toys (see here, here and here), then moved to printing mold forms for sex toys and finally we made sex toys which are partially silicone molded and partially printed. The best results were achieved with printing mold forms and…

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#OpenSCAD as silicone sex toy molding form generator #sextech

An alternative to 3d-printed sex toys are silicone toys. For making such a sex toy you need a molding form, where you pour in the silicone. If you use Tinkercad to build the form for the balls motive, you may need more than one hour. If you are not…

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#OpenSCAD as sex toy generator #sextech

OpenSCAD is a free software tool for creating 3d objects. But it is different from other CAD tools like Tinkercad or Freecad. Instead of using the mouse to select and modify 3d objects you have to use a description language. Making a 3d object in OpenSCAD…

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Building a sex toy dashboard with Node-RED

In the fourth part of the tutorial we explain the development of a dashboard for our sex toy. The dashboard is used to visualize certain data eg. the speed of the vibration motor and the movements of the vibrator. In addition it can have some control…

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Wiring the Internet of Sex Toys with Node-RED

in the second part of this tutorial we have seen how to use the MQTT protocol to send data across the internet. In the third part we show how to add additional functionalities to our sex toys. We want to enable sex toys to communicate and  to connect to…

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Internet of (sex) toys: MQTT messages, JSON and mosquitto server

In the first IOT tutorial we have shown how to build a sex toy based on a ESP8266 MCU. The ESP8266 is a microcontroller which can connect to the internet. You can write sketches with the Arduino IDE and connect a lot of actuator modules (like vibration…

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Moving dildo with motor driven skeleton #SexTech #Arduino #3dprinting

So far we have used vibration motors for our sex toys. Vibration motors are cheap, powerful, easy to control and robust actuators. That’s why they are part of most sex toys. But what about moving or touching  objects. Obviously we need some mechanics,…
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