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Tiling kitchen walls is like instant gratification, you buy tiles one day I fit them the next day your kitchen looks fabulous and you're delighted :) . These are a few pictures of kitchens I've recently tiled - if you need your kitchen walls tiled it may give you some inspiration of what may look good in yours. To see more tiling pictures including before and after pics please have a look at my site at
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How to Grout Floor Tiles from start to finish by a Professional Tiler.

I have been a Professional Tiler for 20yrs and I will show you step by step with some time lapse exactly how to grout a floor to give the perfect finish every time.

There are 4 steps to achieving this:
1, Grouting - the best and quickest way to apply the grout leaving no mess.
2, Washing - the quick and easy way to wash the grout off.
3, Washing a second time - how and why you should do this.
4, Polishing - to give the professional finish you will be proud of.

Grouting is not a difficult process but it is one that should be approached with a plan and by watching this video you will learn the best plan, one that has stood to me for the past 20 years.
I wish you luck and welcome any questions or comments.
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I'm a tiler tiling hall kitchen and living room and this is a before and after video and it looks fabulous!!
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Leaking Shower & Leaking Wetroom
Leaking showers or wet rooms can be annoying, but when the leak is not revealed by stains on ceilings or adjacent walls the damage is hidden, but still continues. When this happens the damage that has been caused by the leak is first noticed by loose tiles or even tiles that are falling off the wall, and there is no quick fix for this.
This is what has happended in this house, but the damage was twice as bad because both the shower and wetroom were leaking. There are a few reasons for this but the main one is because the tiling was done I’m guessing around 5 years ago by the carpenter when the house was being built, not to save money but because the carpenter said he could do tiling. Well he may think he’s a tiler as well as a carpenter but the pictures below might suggest this is not the case.
The actual tiling mistakes are a few, I wont get too involved in each one but firstly the wrong adhesive was used, category B was used instead of category A which is waterproof. The timber used to tile to was 12mm thick instead of 18mm which is the minimum that can be used to tile too. The timber was incorrectly fitted: not enough screws were used and it didn’t even reach the shower tray, so I’ve no idea how he thought it would be watertight. The timber sheeting was not sealed or primed, this was compounded by an incorrect tiling style, he put the adhesive to the tile and pressed the tile onto the wall, all this did was to stick the tile to the dust on the timber, what he should have done was spread the adhesive on the wall and stuck the tile to it, this is why you can see the timber sheeting so clearly in the pictures when the tiled popped off, the tile didn’t actually bond to the timber. There was no tanking fitted to either the shower or the wetroom, and as this house has a pressurised water system with rain showers fitted in both rooms I think that was definitely an error of judgement.
The actual job was fairly involved to do and extremely messy and took around a week to complete using various skills that tilers don’t often get involved in, and yes I did employ a plumber to remove and replace the shower fittings as I’m not a plumber but it was satisfying to complete and now their bathrooms are as perfect as the rest of their home.
I think the morale of the story is that everyone has their own knowledge skills and experience, so if you want tiling done employ a tiler and if you want carpentry done then employ a carpenter etc, and also if possible see pictures of recent previous work that they have completed to confirm that they can actually do what they say they can do.
I often see adverts for bathroom renovation companies saying that they can do everything, electrics plumbing carpentry and tiling, well possibly they can but before you give them a job just make sure that the person who does the tiling is actually a tiler and not the carpenter who can do a bit of tiling, because if you don’t you could end up with your home looking like these pictures in a few years time, and trust me you wouldn’t like that.
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Jura Limestone Floor Tiling

I tiled this kitchen hall and bathroom floor with Jura Limestone polished tiles and it looks just great in the 60cm x 40cm size. The kitchen floor was already tiled with porcelain tiles which had to be removed with a kango and then the floor had to be cleaned so it could be tiled.

The customer asked for 2mm spacing which is a good for natural stone tiles so we used 2mm tile spacers which you can see in some of the pictures. When I had finished tiling the floor it had to be washed thoroughl so it was perfectly clean and then I sealed it twice, this is a long process which took a day on its own and then the floor was grouted with pergamon grout and washed and cleaned again.

Its a lot more expensive to have natural stone fitted than ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles because the process is so long, in general it takes twice the time to tile a natural stone floor than it does to fit a creamic ot porcelain tiled floor, but the difference really is amazing because natural stone tiles when fitted and sealed properly are fabulous and they always will be.
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These Subway tiles are great for kitchen walls and this is a great choice for this kitchen. The prevoius tiles had been taken off by the home owner so our job was a lot easier than it could have been but it still took all day to tile and grout because this kitchen is huge, its got to be twice the size of most kitchen walls. 
The tiles are black as you can see and we kept to narrow joints with light grey flexible grout to emphasise the size of the tile, I think its a great choice and more improtant to what I think the customers are delighted.
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Kitchen & Hall Tiling in Portlaoise

This home in Portlaoise was getting a total makeover from top to bottom and we were asked to tile the Hall, kitchen and back hall in the same tile, a 45x45cm ceramic tile which would be similar in appearance to Crema Marfil marble. In order to save some time and also very importantly money we tiled over the existing tiles which in this case was no problem as they were all securely fixed, and there were also no issues with door heights, but we did just had to remove a few which were high in places. As you can see we filled in the spaces around the outside of the original tiles which made the surface to be tiled smoother and made for a better final finish.
The house is nearing completion in these pictures and when the kitchen is fitted ill take another few pictures to show the final job, I think youll agree the tiles are a great choice and transformation is amazing. The tiles are light and bright to reflect all the available light in the house and with the flexible grout they’ll be easy to keep clean too.
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Tiling in Dublin
Tiling this house took a long time, but it looks so nice now its finished. The downstairs of the house is mostly all polished crema marfil marble which looks fabulous, you can see for yourself it looks stunning in the hallway and the kitchen. The bathrooms are a mixture of mosaics and marble tiles on the floors and walls and was all designed by the customers, I think they did a good job. As you can see the house wasn’t quite finished when I took the pictures but i hope you can get a good idea what the finished house looks like.
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Dublin Tiling a Family Bathroom

This was a tough family bathroom in Dublin to tile but a very satisfying tiling job to complete because the transformation is so complete.
The reason it was tough was because the walls weren’t great but it was so worth it because its looking great now.
I think its also worth complimenting the customers here on their choice of tiles, the bathroom is small and the tiles chosen are white on the wall with a subtle pattern and a dark grey non slip R9 rated tile on the floor as they have young children, both are quite large format for a small room but I think you’ll agree the choice is perfect.
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The cost of a tiler varies a lot but to put a number on it tiling costs start at €15 a yard, and normal size kitchen walls start at €130.
But as I said it depends on different factors, so please phone me on 087 3962215 or 05986 52149 for a quote. I’ll probably ask you some of the following questions and then i’ll be able to give you a fairly good guide price.
What sort of tile is it?
What sort of room is it?
How big are the tiles?
How big are the rooms?
How many rooms are being tiled?
Is it a timber or concrete floor?
Are you using some kind of Tanking system?
Do you want a new bathroom suite or sink or shower tray & enclosure fitted?
Possibly you won’t have the answers to all of the questions and that’s okay and you don’t need to have exact measurements either or need to know exactly what sort of tiles are being used, just an idea for me to be able to work from to give you an idea of prices. Depending on where you are it may be better for me to call to your home and that way i can give you a more exact price of how much it will cost to tile and also an idea of how long it will take me to complete the job once i’ve started it,  of course quotes are completely free.
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