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Just visiting this planet.
Just visiting this planet.

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Uso o G Suite para ajudar a gerenciar minha empresa e acredito que outras empresas também podem tirar partido do mesmo. Pode usar o Gmail, Agenda, Drive, Documentos e outras ferramentas que lhe permitem executar tarefas a partir de qualquer lugar e dispositivo. O G Suite oferece uma versão experimental gratuita de 30 dias. Inscreva-se através do meu link de afiliado e envie-me uma mensagem para obter um desconto no primeiro ano. Clique aqui para começar:

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Merry f&#&-@; Xmas

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Cool retro!

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#nitrogenos   #oneplusone   #androidnougat  
For now, this is the one for me. Really good.

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[ROM][7.0.0_r14] ★ Pure Nexus for the OnePlus One | Substratum ★ [06/11/16]


* build/
e9f0377 Merge into HEAD [Adin Kwok]
* device/oneplus/bacon/
8f3e199 bacon: update to H2Os mixer path [Adin Kwok]
2bf6766 bacon: build deskclock [Adin Kwok]
6e91013 bacon: fix typos [Adin Kwok]
55b7603 bacon: build Camera2 and Messaging app [Adin Kwok]
b3efc68 Revert "bacon: menu key > app switch instead of menu" [Adin Kwok]
e055754 bacon: build Snap camera [Adin Kwok]
2c851f5 Revert "bacon: build omni's SnapdragonCamera" [Adin Kwok]
f3aa752 bacon: menu key -> app switch instead of menu [Adin Kwok]
c4cb0b0 bacon: build SnapdragonCamera [Adin Kwok]
2fa5767 Revert "bacon: build omni's SnapdragonCamera" [Adin Kwok]
59546c0 bacon: build omni's SnapdragonCamera [Adin Kwok]
c6dc847 bacon: Launcher3 is called to be built through vendor [Adin Kwok]
b95df4e bacon: build Launcher3, messaging app, and Camera2 [Adin Kwok]
11bae10 bacon: enable multicolor notification and charging led [Adin Kwok]
86bbb26 bacon: 400>440 dpi [Adin Kwok]
397846d bacon: 480 -> 400 dpi [Adin Kwok]
55ad154 bacon: remove custom facelock settings [Adin Kwok]
99767f8 bacon: remove unneeded names [Adin Kwok]
f958b3e bacon: no need for vendorsetup anymore [Adin Kwok]
2447907 [DIRTY] bacon: inline patches from[Adin Kwok]
65b94ac angler: add vendor overlay for CarrierConfig [beanstown106]
* frameworks/base/
3fe4f43 Merge into HEAD [Adin Kwok]
* packages/apps/Settings/
0ba2bd4 add activity to launch headsup settings fragment [beanstown106]
562c1dc Unlink vol: fix Settings FC if opening Audio Settings after enabling DND [ezio84]
* vendor/custom/
71a8684 Merge into HEAD [Adin Kwok]
8461351 webview_packages: correct signature definition for Chrome Stable [Alex Naidis]

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Zcash Has Launched: Here's How to Get Some

Zcash (ZEC), the new digital currency lauded for its privacy features, is launching today amidst some massive hype. But until enough tokens become available on exchanges, Zcash enthusiasts are poised to acquire their ZEC first-hand by mining for it, either by setting up a home rig or by signing up for a cloud mining contract.

Created from a fork in the Bitcoin chain, Zcash promises all the best features and stability of Bitcoin with the added bonus of total payment confidentiality. Zcash transactions automatically hide the sender, recipient and value of all transactions on the blockchain. Only those with the correct view key can see the contents.

Another interesting aspect of Zcash is it uses a memory-hard proof-of-work known as Equihash. This means the best hardware for mining Zcash tokens is standard GPUs and RAM. The hope is this will lead to a more decentralized set of miners.

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Reading SAS drives on an HP server (DL180g6) from a PC!
The server has a dead motherboard (lightning strikes). I put the HP Smart Array P410 Controller in the PC, after all it's only a PCIx8. Conected it to the storage backplane, still using the server's power.

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