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Damaris Ehrman
Our names are Matt and Damaris. Follow us on our adventure through the beautiful country of Ecuador.
Our names are Matt and Damaris. Follow us on our adventure through the beautiful country of Ecuador.

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A Post about my Ex
You'd think after more than a month of not blogging, that I'd finally hit you hard with a nice big 'ol summary of all things Ecuador and ministry and that was my intention but something else has been on my mind. (Side note: I'm realizing that keeping an onl...

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Life Lately According to my iphone thPics
We've been running around a bit lately. We travelled to Manta last weekend to go to the special day assembly, then stayed with the Guyton family (need greater family living in Manta) till Monday morning.  Matt gave the public talk for their English group on...

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Nuestra casa...and other ramblings
We have now been in Ecuador for two months.  It's such a weird feeling to be somewhere completely different and not call it vacation. We are living here. For a short time, yes, but we do not have a house or apartment waiting for us in the States. So weird. ...

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a typical day
We're  finally settling into a routine here and at first the ecuadorian schedule was not to my liking.  It felt very bipolar at first, like bursts of activity and then streches of nothing during the heat of the day and lunch time. Here they meet early for s...

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I don't even know where to start since it's been so long since I've posted. We have had no Internet and have had to use wifi where we can find it in restaurants or cafes but the Internet here is so slooow.  But I'm happy to announce we have found our home h...

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We're alive!
Hi everybody! So sorry I have not posted anything in a few days. Quite a bit has happened.  Last you heard from me we were in Cuenca visiting friends. We had a fabulous time there but we wanted to see the coast and explore what coastal living is like as wel...

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A little update...
Just wanted to update you on the commenting situation. I know some have told me how frustrating it's been to add your comments to the posts because a login is required.  Well no more folks, no more! I finally figured it out in settings. So now anyone can co...

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Shopping in Cuenca
Well this post has nothing to do with need greater work....Well actually give me a moment and I'll find a connection. Lalala..ok got it. Travelling, I find, many times goes hand in hand with shopping and when you're going to be spending lots and lots of tim...

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Peaks and valleys
The camera will never quite capture it but the mountains here are gorgeous, like nothing I've ever seen in person. They have these incredible green peaks that shoot down creating a steep cliff and finally land in a beautiful valley with orange tile roofed h...

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Don't need to be J. Lo to have a glow!
This is me and my glow. I made sure Matt could capture it with my iphone. I have been on a high the last couple days because I am just loving this whole letting Jehovah's direct us thing haha.  The picture above is from this morning after our amazing breakf...
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