Setting up USB HP Printers (Series 10xx with) on Linux / Ubuntu 11.10

Unfortunately, the firmware download sites for the original HP driver system, HPLIP, is down, so you will not be able to install an attached printer.

Another problem is, that the udev rules coming with the alternative driver package foo2zjs, coming with Ubuntu 11.10, are obviously broken.

Here's my way to use the foo2zjs driver with HP USB Printers:

- Uninstall the current packages foo2zjs and system-config-printer-udev
Attention: the last one can break the hotpluging of other printer drivers if you have attached additional printers

- install some additional packages:
sudo apt-get install build-essential tix foomatic-filters groff dc

- Download the latest foo2zjs Version from and unpack the content into a directory.

Now, open a terminal and go into the directory containing the unpacked foo2zjs package:

./getweb 1018 (or your printer model number)
sudo make install install-hotplug cups
sudo service cups restart

Now, add and configure the printer via the system configuration

- as the URI, use file:/dev/usb/lp0 (or ...lp(n))
- as the driver, use the ppd file coming with the foo2zjs package

Thats all.
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