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Come find me on Tumblr. 

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Lots of things for Google to think about.
What's still a bit confusing for me is the fact that I have 3 gmail accounts (perso, seesmic, leweb) and Google+ keeps trying to make me also open 3 G+ accounts with friends finding those emails etc. Something wrong there, I only want one, this one.

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

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What's the greatest recent pop culture work of fine art? Angry Birds.

There has always been a bias against animation - it's always been for kids. At least, that's what many people think. Every time a new technology comes along, such as green screen or 3D, someone always celebrates the death of animation.

The truth is, animation is art. No one ever expected the wild success of Walt Disney, a man who drew silly pictures on the side of his First-Aid truck during World War I to lighten the spirits of wounded soldiers. Animation helps use see the world in new ways.

In the mobile age, we can explain epic stories just by playing a small game, on a phone, with other people around the world. Why isn't animation dead yet? Because it's creative, and creativity (and the appreciation of it) never dies.

As you enjoy your next gaming experience, take a brief moment to thank the millions of artists out there (aka animators) who spend their lives making a modern masterpiece for you.
+Angry Birds Space is now available on Google Play! Try it today and let us know what you think in the comments.

Angry Birds Space:
Angry Birds Space Premium:

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Nature lovers, here's your story of the day: On a solitary volcano island, a discovery of extraordinary life.

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I think the quality of Mad Men has gone down, but I can't deny Jon Hamm's heart-on-his-shoulder, gentle-yet-strong acting style.

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If you haven't watched this, take some time. It's a beautiful, intimate, magical film.

Happy dancing!
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