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Skids greased to hell? Controversy, again. Looking deep into subjects always reveals propaganda. Today I look in depth at the idea, loudly proclaimed by some, that "If you haven't accepted Christ, you and 2/3 of the world are on a fast slide to Hell." 

So I look to see exactly what Christ said. 

Who, Then, Can Be Saved? With God, all things are possible.

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Part 3: What is Greatness? 
Some want to emphasize the "social Gospel," which is ministry to the poor, needy, and powerless. Others want to emphasize the "individual Gospel" of the personal God who is at their call for their benefit. Some want to emphasize the ministry of sharing with the many, even "socialism." Others want to emphasize more capitalistic ideas, and freedom, and even mix the two ideas into capitalism with free markets. Are any of these ideas implicitly or explicitly found in the Bible? Yes and No. So I will explain it all, from the Book of Matthew, and you can judge for yourself.

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Are socialism or capitalism topics in the Bible? Is it for or against caring for the poor and needy? What about free markets?
Are any of these ideas implicitly or explicitly found in the Bible? Yes and No. So I will explain it all, from the Book of Matthew, and you can judge for yourself.
Part 2 (1 is on the same page). 

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On Sundays, I often write something investigative or compelling. This week I wrote two:

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Putting Variety in Stories: Easier than it seems. Story architecture. 

Two articles about screen and novel writing today are misleading. 

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What if North Korea, a brutal and repressive regime that lets its population starve, and murders non-compliant people, managed to take control over the US. Well, immediately some would say over my dead body and pick up a gun. But let's just dismiss the saber rattling for a moment and pretend.

What if North Korea said, "We're going to kill 33,000 of your citizens a year, and victimize half a million people, because that's our nature." What if they said, "We're going to let millions of you suffer and die, men, women, children - we're just going to take away your access to medical care, because that's the way we operate."

What if they said, "We're going to make sure 1 in 5 of your children goes hungry, just because that's the way it is." What if they said, "Every year we're going to make 3.5 million people homeless, even if a third have kids, because that's the way we do."

What if they said, "Every year your wages are going to go down by 4%, because that's the way we do things, and we say you're going to like it and be grateful, or else you won't have a job." What if they said, "We're just going to keep pushing you all down into poverty, because we want you hungry and powerless."

What if they said, "We're going to kick millions of you off the work rolls, and ignore your pleas for a job, because in North Korea, we just don't care." What if they said, "We're going to poison your drinking water for your resources, and warm the climate, and laugh with glee at our new wealth."

Could it happen? Surprise!

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Windows 10
I updated our 8.1 laptop, and Windows 7 Pro desktop to Windows 10 today, for free. My compliments to Microsoft.

Installation: The installation was mostly smooth, and took less than 2 hours. If you see the sign, "Working on it" hang around for more than a few seconds, it won't install. It wants all updates to your existing system installed first. You will need to do those updates. For me it was a simple restart and they installed automatically. But you can use Windows update.

Programs: Every single one of my existing programs worked immediately - I have28+ that I use every day - and some were from the late 1990s. (Not all absolutely will - check first. 32 bit programs don't necessarily work well on 64 bit machines.)

The new music player seems like a good replacement for Windows Media Player, but it remained available.

New desktop: Luv it. The action is faster, and it's very similar to Windows 7. All of those apps are available through the Windows icon in the lower left corner. The Microsoft Edge browser is also very good (especially compared to IE browser.)

In my opinion, and this seems to be the most frequent opinion I see on the Internet, Microsoft did it very, very well this time. Home run both on platform and installation.

It's a free download for the first year, from the end of July. Seems to be stable already.
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