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This song isn't that old, and of course not part of my own childhood, but I really always loved hearing these guys, and they even had their own show on the Disney Channel. I think they also did a movie.

In any case, I was aware many kids at the time were big fans of this band, so this song might be a childhood thing to some of you.

Do enjoy!

Would it be all right if I received an invite to your new community, please?

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I like the band, but this is first time I actually heard this song today, despite being a few years since it was released. I dunno, but I really liked it anyway, so this is why I am sharing it with all of you. Enjoy!

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This is a relatively new song, so not a childhood fav or anything. However, it was highly recommended apparently, and so I went to check out the music video for "I Lived" by OneRepublic, and I was really touched. I liked a few songs by OneRepublic before, but this one really took the cake! Check it out!

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Let's learn a bit of historical animation trivia, shall we?
What happened to the 8th slice of cake?

The “original” mascot for Disney animation was not always Mickey Mouse, but in the beginning they created Oswald. Ub Iwerks, along with Disney studios created Oswald as an anthromorphic rabbit in 1927 for production with Universal Studios, specifically producer Charles Mintz. At the time, the industry was swamped with animated cats, so the creative minds decided to take on the task of creating a new image. After just a few short years, however, Universal Studios became greedy and tried making Disney create the cartoons for less money. This caused Disney to leave their agreement and thus, Mickey was born.

Iwerks created many different types of animals for Disney to look at. He had sketched up dogs and cats, along with a female cow and a male horse. None of these worked for Walt. The female cow showed up as Clarabelle Cow; the male horse, Horace Horsecollar, but neither would be the forerunners for Mickey Mouse. Looking at sketches of Mice Hugh Harman had drawn around Disney’s name, Iwerks began creating what is now one of the most recognizable icons in the world.

Originally named ‘Mortimer Mouse,’ Disney’s wife, Lillian convinced him in the end to change the name of the character to Mickey. Mickey’s name means small-time, amateurish or trivial, but Mickey Mouse is far from trivial. Maybe his name caused his fame’s growth. Maybe his big smile and cute dog caused it. Or maybe, just maybe, it was his disappearing cake trick that caused his growth in fame.

Baking a cake takes an ample amount of preparation. It starts with gathering ingredients and measuring them out just right. Forgetting even just a pinch of baking powder can ruin a whole cake. After that, it takes time and patience to wait for the cake to bake. Mickey clearly put effort into his three-layered party cake. When it was done baking, he set out seven plates to feed his guests. However, careful examination shows he really cut eight slices, but when they are divvied up to the proper places, a piece suddenly ends up missing. It leaves us all wondering, what happened to the eighth slice?

Many search engines theories arise. Alchemy. A sacrifice to the Dark Lords. Animation fail. Sublimation. Taxes. Mickey ate it in one gulp, yet Mickey remains smiling, lips unmoving through all the frames. Amidst all of this theory, it is decided it can’t be real. Mickey is a manipulative mastermind. Truly, through all of this hub bub and theory about what happened to the eighth piece of cake, one thing can only be determined. The cake is, and always will be, a lie.

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Omigosh! This song isn't that old, but I really always loved hearing this guy go crazy with it. The music video is fun too!

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A great animated 3D Fluttershy? The best thing about this is that it is an original model rather than the popular Source-based ones.
D'awwwwwwwww! ded forever in cuteness
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