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Open Source Brainwave Entrainment Program
Open Source Brainwave Entrainment Program

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EntrainerFX 6.0.0

- full conversion to JavaFX
- media (audio and video) entrainment functions
- additive flash effects
- UI redesign

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EntrainerFX, version 5.2.0

EntrainerFX is a brainwave entrainment program written in Swing and JavaFX.  Version 5.2.0 is a reimagining of the UI before full JavaFX conversion.

  - Prep for full JavaFX conversion
  - Functionally identical to 5.1.1
  - UI redesign, HUP controls invisible until mouse over or mouse proximity
  - Images displayed at full opacity
  - Entrainment frequency pulse notification now sent over EntrainerFX's event system
  - Disruptor now used in event system for best notification performance
  - Main window now resizable
  - Bugfix, new EntrainerFX program functionality fixed

5.1.1 Highlights:

- background control using either random images, a static image or a colour background
- source moved to Github ( and build moved to Gradle
- assorted tweaks and improvements

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Learn with EntrainerFX!
Synchronized Brain Waves Enable Rapid Learning

Full article at

The human mind can rapidly absorb and analyze new information as it flits from thought to thought. These quickly changing brain states may be encoded by synchronization of brain waves across different brain regions, according to a new study from MIT neuroscientists.

The research is in Neuron. (full access paywall)

Research:  “Increases in Functional Connectivity between Prefrontal Cortex and Striatum during Category Learning” by Evan G. Antzoulatos and Earl K. Miller in Neuron. doi:10.10.1016/j.neuron.2014.05.005

Image: MIT neuroscientists found that brain waves originating from the striatum (red) and from the prefrontal cortex (blue) become synchronized when an animal learns to categorize different patterns of dots. Credit Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT.

#neuroscience   #learning  

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EntrainerFX 5.0.0 Final

New in 5.0.0 Final

- Java 8 minimum
- ESP ( device support - EEG Signal Processing for NeuroSky ThinkGear, OCZ Nia and OpenBCI hardware

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EntrainerFX 4.5.0 Final - Neural Network analysis for NeuroSky devices

Entrainer now uses the Neuroph library to analyse the power signal from Neurosky devices.  More detail can be found in the documentation and EntrainerFX can be downloaded from:

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EntrainerFX 4.3.0 Final

Upgraded libraries, fixed some bugs.  Now using the migrated-to-github ESP library available from Maven Central:


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EntrainerFX 4.3.0 RC1 - A Self-Healing Application

The latest version of EntrainerFX uses the Poison Ivy ( library to resolve dependencies on first startup, reducing the deliverable size and granting the application the ability to re-download external dependencies if required.

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4.2.4 Final - March 24, 2014  

Java 8 bugfix for the Entrainer program editor

Added 'flash background' option to change the background opacity via the entrainment frequency

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EntrainerFX 4.2.3 Final, released March 22, 2014

- refactorings to allow EntrainerFX to run on Java 8
- library dependency updates

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Release 4.2.2 of EntrainerFX adds the ability to connect to a running instance of the program using both NIO (plain sockets) and WebSockets. In addition messages can be sent using the existing XML format or the new JSON format.

A lite version of EntrainerFX ( has been added to the website.  It is a Java applet / JNLP program and contains a subset of features found in the EntrainerFX distribution.  Instructions for browser setup can be found on the main page of the website.
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