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Anthony Giovannetti

Working on a advanced move for The Wizard for a arcane familiar (which seems like a common enough trope that is currently missing). 

Feedback appreciated or examples of other takes on it! (This is super rough draft)

Arcane Familiar
You have a strong magical connection with an arcane creature you have bonded with. When you take this move, describe and name your new familiar. You can communicate telepathically with your familiar, and if it is destroyed it will re-materialize after a nights rest. Additionally your familiar provides one of the following benefits. (Choose One)
- +1 to Discern Realities
- +1 Armor against one related type of damage (fire, ice, electric, divine, necrotic, etc)
- Other benefit C
- Other benefit D

Idea for a paladin advanced move inspired by 40k. Feedback appreciated. 
Iron Halo 
When you wade into battle, trusting in the power of your God to protect you from harm, roll +CHA. 
✴On a 10+: Projectiles curve and distort their path around you, narrowly missing on every shot. 
✴On a 7-9: As a 10+, but only for the very next attack. 

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DungeonWorld Hack:
Hey guys, here are all of the PDFs of my Dungeon World Hacks and custom classes. You can also see the modified basic move sheet. Feedback and thoughts are appreciated. 
Edit: I don't plan on ever charging money to access anything I make, but I do plan on constantly iterating and releasing improvements as they get made. 

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My own hack of a modified Cleric. Looking for any feedback, hearing what is particularly good, critiques, ideas, etc.

- Removed Vancian Casting System
- Like all of my class hacks, this one removes ability scores (and just uses modifiers)
- Yes this means the HP is fixed. I am up for input on what the number should be fixed at.

After playing nothing but DW for a while now, played in a Pathfinder game again yesterday. 

Sadly, Pathfinder just seems like unplayable garbage to me after DW. Initiative is so fictionally jarring compared to the beauty and elegance of how DW does combat.

You know you like a game when it makes old staples seem terrible.   

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Been a while since I have given any updates on my DW Classes hack. Here is the Blood Mage (inspired by dead man wonderland). Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Show off your Fronts! 

Fronts are one of the more confusing aspects for new GMs, and I thought maybe having people post up their own Fronts would be a cool way to help others out. 

Post up your own Fronts, complete with Grim Portents, Dangers, and everything else you normally jot down. 


So what moves have people made for Paladins? I have been working on hacking the base classes and made some new Paladin moves. Any feedback is appreciated. 

Holy Shield
Requires: A shield
Your shield glows with the holy energy of your god. When you Defend an ally, you may spend 1 Hold to knock one attacker back with divine power after they make their attack. Deal damage to them. 

Aura of Thorns
Whenever you take a moment and pray for divine protection, roll+WIS.
✴On a 10+: When you or an ally within near of you takes damage from an opponent, that opponent takes 1d4 damage.
✴On a 7-9: Suffer a debility, or take -1 ongoing while you maintain the aura. 
The aura ends when you lose concentration on maintaining it's effect. 

Anyone doing any games tonight? 
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