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Michael Diliberto
I am a producer. I build retail spaces.
I am a producer. I build retail spaces.

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Apple is rumored to be opening store-within-a-store locations at Target stores. That is awesome. Putting aside that these are two of my favorite stores, anecdotal evidence leads me to believe that there is significant overlap in the two stores' respective shopper profiles.

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It's not just food retailers that are facing difficulty expanding globally. Everyone from Wal-Mart to Best Buy has struggled to replicate home market successes in one or more foreign markets. Worse yet, international expansion distracts firms from changes needed to maintain competitiveness in their home markets.

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The reinvention of retail is no longer an opportunity but a necessity. How many more hundred-year-old brands will fall by the wayside before we realize they are simply the canary in the retail mine?
The recession has created a volatile environment for retailers. But volatility also presents opportunity, and some innovators are making a future for retail – combining the ease of online shopping with the emotional connection of a physical space, offering services beyond products, or laser-focusing on the right segment.

We asked HBR contributors to weigh in with their favorite examples.
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