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Me too. Though I discovered I really like to have some social interaction from time to time.
Sometimes I like to wander what it'd be like to spend a whole day alone.
+James Sosa Fiscella . when you live alone, guess what?  Days off work, are whole days alone, if you can keep people from popping in.  Also unplugging the landline and putting mobiles to VM gives you uninterrupted full-out time for yourself.  As +Piotr Kalinowski  says, it's awesome.
Great! Thanks for the advice, +Jo Dunaway. It's not that I wanna spend the rest of my life alone, but sometimes in a while I need to enjoy some peace and quiet. It also depends on the people you socializing with. I've got a few friends who are INTJs too, and I'm able to spend more time (I mean, stand them for a longer time) than the rest of my friends, but still.. if I didn't have some time for myself I'd go mad.
hee-hee, I hear ya.  "spend more time" and "stand them for a longer time" - ditto here.  Going mad is a likely prospect without any solitude.  I was so thankful when my Dad explained to his second wife and the new sisters-brother that I'm an introvert and NEED time alone, so let me walk the dogs alone or disappear somewhere with a book.  It leads to much less friction when they don't feel rejected, and I don't feel obligated to entertain them. Family members, who are also introverts, are usually quick to explain to the more gregarious siblings.
haha, someone should have that talk with my friends who try to make me 'go out of the shell'. Why should I do that when it's so cosy in here?
Exactly.  If they bothered to fill their minds with interesting matters, they'd be less a burden and more a pleasure to be around.  Intransigence, however, against any enlightening facts is nearly epidemic nowadays, and only INTJs seem to notice and be burdened by it.
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