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Sometimes it can have its advantages.  Unfortunately, being thought of as a psychopath is generally frowned upon by society.
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That's what you get when you approach the world from a logical perspective instead of an emotional one. Set all emotions on fire and duck. People with extremely fragile egos are more likely to call others psychopaths. Some people label every human being who is stronger than themselves a "psychopath". Some are so paranoid they think their 90 year old grandma is a psychopath. Some watch too much Dexter and true blood. Some are just confused about what is real and not. And some have thoughts in their minds put there by someone else who is probably laughing their ass off at the fact these people are now thinking these same thoughts as though they were their own. 
People think we "lie" just because we pretend that we agree with them. :P
I take all accusations of being a sociopath, psychopath, etc. as a compliment.  Is that wrong?
+INTJ i find that 99% of these occusations come from women who are dissatisfied with the amount of attention they are getting. "How can you be so cold?? My feelibgs hurt!!" Intj: "oh, did i hurt them?" Her: "psychopath!!".. :p
Hey, +Martin K. Schröder , some peoples' 90 yr. old grandmothers are psychopaths for real.  Usually at least half of their offspring are just as bonkers but not shut up in a prison for the criminally insane YET.  The older I get, the more I recognize how much insanity there is in this old world.  And they call me the sociopath?  Poor judgment skills, it's a terrible problem these days, misnaming those who think differently "sociopaths" is just mental laziness.
Some people just don't think. You think they think but they don't. They just pretend. It's like trying to make a donkey fly a jumbo jet. The donkey just don't manage.
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