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Alex Ftoulis
A coach, author, artist, master healer and researcher in the domains of self development.
A coach, author, artist, master healer and researcher in the domains of self development.

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Astrogenesis room program
ALSO:  Monday evenings - On some Mondays we will project documentaries or even play live music and serve hot or cold drinks! * Vegan nights - On chosen Sundays we will create vegan gourmet meals for 12 people (reservations only), cook with you live or play ...

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10 Habits That Will Clear Your Mind And Cultivate Happiness
People say, “Happiness starts from within.” Nothing could be more true. You can’t expect anyone or anything to give you the fulfillment you crave. You have to find that for yourself. But what if tackling your whole emotional well-being feels like too daunti...

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 LOU CORONA’S LEMON GINGER BLAST DAILY JUICE RECIPE!  YIELD: 1 JAR of JUICE! = ¼ gal. = 1 qt. = 32 oz = 0.95 Ingredients * — Always SCRUB & WASH PRODUCE before juicing OR eating! I use VEGGIE WASH!  2 Apples   1-3 in. piece Ginger  1 Lemon (UNpeeled if orga...

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The 5 Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation
It just so happens that one of the quickest and simplest sets of meditative movements and one of the easiest to integrate as your own, is also one of the most powerful. The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation take about twenty minutes or so depending on how ...

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You are constantly receiving information from your environment, not only through your five senses, but also through your auric field! You are able to perceive when someone is staring at you without seeing them, you can sense how somebody is feeling despite ...

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Why It’s Important To Understand Your Dark Side
When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Most of us were. And I doubt we ever thought to question this fear. We were almost naturally taught to be afraid of the dark, because the dark is full of unknown things that might hurt us. But what usually ...

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7 Reasons Your Break-up Is A Beautiful Thing
“ Watch  for big problems. They disguise big opportunities.” ~Ritu Ghatourey After many years of being the “dumper” in the relationship, I then spent many years being the “dumpee.” Even after I had worked through all of that karma that I had instilled upon ...

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Carl G. Jung Archetypes – The 4 Stages Of Life
“Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of ...

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The Psychology of Delusions
A delusion is a fixed, relatively immutable, persistent, false belief with no basis in reality. Source: Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock We talk often about "deluded" people: “The person on the talent show is clearly deluded about their lack of singing ability....

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18 Life Changing Lessons To Learn From Socrates
If I have learned something from Socrates is that you cannot teach people anything; you can only make them think. You can only draw out of them the wisdom which is latent within them. And by doing so, you help open their eyes, making them realize that they ...
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