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Hannah F
"Hey It's Me" what else can I say
"Hey It's Me" what else can I say

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a bit late in the sharing but haven't been able to upload till now
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Finally have google+ up and running again on a chrome supported laptop

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I feel soo bad! just kicked a sparrow by accident(Not exactly sure how), and now it can't fly so "Irene" as we have called her is trying to recuperate before heading back out. 

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Love the colors! And thanks for playing with the Die Cut Diva's

Just got used to my windows surface, and then they updated it, Now I have to start all over! 😢 other than that I really like it.

Just bought myself a Windows Surface as an early birthday present, can't wait till it gets here.

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Not that this is actually real but if it is that is funny! : )

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Love this song from the game portal, LOL you would probably have to play the game to get it,  but it's quite funny.
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