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Why the Title?
Why the Title?

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How to be...<i>That Mom</i>
So I've managed to update our Facebook page more than the blog.  But please give MommaDe and I some slack.  We're moms to special needs kids. I've made no secret that I've suspected that I'm on the spectrum.  Well, since I went back to school full-time, I w...

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Dear Santa
Dear Santa, You probably don’t remember, but it’s been three years since
my Destructo has come to visit you at the mall.  He just turned six last month.  It was his little sister Jellybean’s first time meeting you. When I told you Destructo was autistic and...

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An Essay on Neurodiversity
High Functioning Mommy here.  As I may have pointed out in the past, I self-identify as Autistic. I graduated high school "by the skin of my teeth" back in 1999.  I struggled greatly in math and any science class involving algebra.  I also had (have?) an ex...

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New blog entry from High Functioning Mommy

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How Not to treat an Autistic Patient
How Not to Treat an Autistic Patient I've gotten ranty the past few times I've had to recount this to someone, so I figured...why not blog and spread awareness at the same time. But based on the reactions of the professionals I've told this to, I am apparen...

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A Peek in the Life of an Autistic Child
Poor Destructo. He's one of those boys that fits a lot of common autism allergies, gut problems, big noggin. It's such a balancing act, because he's medically complex. Sometimes it's so hard to know if he's sick or just having allerg...

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Courage - MommaDe
“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow.” - Mary Ann Radmacher A very good friend of mine used to have that hanging on her bedroom wall. I remember countless times gazing at...

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So Sick of Judgement
I apologize for us neglecting the blog. Spring break and summer are busy times for MommaDe and I. But something happened recently, and this Mommy is perseverating on it when she knows she shouldn't. A few entries back I wrote two blogs about being judged b...

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The Win Category - MommaDe
The Win Category I've used this phrase, more than once, and dealing with a wide range of things. Everything from “A day with 0 meltdowns” to “losing 3lbs” has been known to go into this mysterious category. And it's something that is really easy to keep and...

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Meltdown Vs. Tantrum - MommaDe
Sorry it's been a while, y'all. Been dealing with a few things in my Household O Crazy. Holiday Season starts at Halloween at my house because of me being Pagan and I live in a Christian Household. (We celebrate quite a bit in my house. =) Meltdown vs Tantr...
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