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Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue but running this on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 and for whatever reason, the app will not update my shows when connected to wifi. If I turn wifi off, it updates fine. this happens both on work and home wifi.

Not a bug but more of a need / suggestion. I would like the ability to hide any show that has been cancelled or has ended. 

I love this app. keep up the great work.

I'm hungry but really don't want to cook and not in the mood to drive and get food. Quite the dilema I have here.

It's Friday... YEAH!!!!

Well, it looks like my OS X Lion install totally FUBARed my OS. Was on the phone with support and we tried everything but looks like a corrupt install. So, I have to backup everything on my computer, wipe the drive, reinstall Snow Leopard and then redownload Lion. My music alone is over 100gb. This is going to take all day. Yeah! what fun... :(

I take back all the good things I have said about OS X Lion. So far, Lion is CRAP! Can't drag n drop files from one location to another, coverflow does not work, finder windows is very laggy. basic functionality features just don't work. If this is what I am to expect from OS X Lion, this was a total waste of $30

OK, I have found something I really don't like in OS X Lion. I hope I am just doing something wrong. I can not drag n drop a file (or multiple files) from 1 folder to another. It just acts like I am not releasing to drop the file. I hope it is just a little glitch on my end because if it is a "feature" then that would be enough for me to scrap Lion.
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