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Jimmy Daly
Photographer, runner, tech writer, marketer and bro.
Photographer, runner, tech writer, marketer and bro.

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This is the best.

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I work for an email marketing company and our data shows that e-commerce businesses get the most engagement with two emails per week. In nearly every other case, engagement dropped significantly after the first email.

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"On average, e-commerce customers saw an average click rate of 7.8% if they sent one email per week, while those that sent two saw an increase of 27% with an average click rate of 9.94%."

Way more data in "5 Things We Learned Analyzing 100 Million+ Emails":

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March 3rd: Oli Gardner and +Vero 's Chris Hexton show you how to turn email subscribers into customers. RSVP to join:

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Want to improve open rates by 10%?

A/B test your subject line.

Want to 10x your revenue?

Blow the whole thing up, like TripAdvisor did.

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Most people skip right over "small wins" when thinking about conversion. Here's why you should pay more attention to the little things:

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This is a very cool way to think about conversion - a series of small wins can fuel your growing business:

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Yesterday, we published a massive email marketing guide - our biggest and best yet.

It's loaded with 135 examples broken down into 5 categories and 41 sub-categories. There are a ton of smart people and businesses mentioned, including:

- +Buffer 
- +Sqwiggle 
- +BugHerd 
- +BuzzStream 
- +noah kagan 
- +iDoneThis 
- +Raven Tools 
- +Jon Yongfook 
- +Tony Hill 
- +CoSchedule 
- +Gregory Ciotti 
- +Laura Roeder 
- +Peep Laja 
- +Neil Patel 
- +Unbounce 
- +Copyblogger 
- +Nir Eyal 
- +Canva 

And a bunch more. Enjoy!

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