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I think I'll start to share exciting bits on Fulleron progress here. Why not :)

Had a task today to integrate with Wordpress (theme, session, inject blocks).

All that was required:

1. add to index.php:

$dir = '/var/www/vhosts/';
require $dir.'/lib/buckyball/buckyball.php';
require $dir.'/FCom/FCom.php';

// get parent folder for webroot
$webRoot = BRequest::i()->webRoot(1);
// specify web base urls
BConfig::i()->add(array('web'=>array('base_src'=>$webRoot, 'base_href'=>$webRoot)));

// initialize frontend environment
// open session
// initialize modules and themes

2. add to wp-content/theme/.../header.php within <head>:

<?php echo BLayout::i()->applyTheme()->applyLayout('base')->view('head'); ?>

3. Add blocks where needed:

<?php echo BLayout::i()->view('header') ?>

That's it! Ahh...

Noticed wordpress lag. After working with 20-30ms and 5-7MB per request, 164ms and 22MB look crazy.
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