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Forwarding Product People and Product Excellence
Forwarding Product People and Product Excellence

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Learn more from the best in lightning talks and panel discussion from industry experts and pioneers. See the speakers:

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Check out the awesome Nick Muldoon ranting about the upcoming Startup Product Summit SF2!

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The working byline for the second summit is "learning from the past to create the future" which will also be reflected in the conference location at Broadway Studios which has a punk history.
Speakers include:

Josh Elman, Founded and led Onboarding/Growth team at Twitter
Glen Lipka, VP UX at Marketo
Dan Olsen, Product Ninja
Tatiana Josephy, Head of Products, Crowdflower
Ian Kennedy, Director of Product at GigaOM
...more will be revealed!

The intention of the conference is to bring together a diverse audience of people passionate about product excellence from various professional backgrounds and orientations, expose them to different perspectives, provide tools and new ways of thinking that they might implement immediately to forward their product and professional choices.

More info:

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