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Christy Birmingham
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.
Blogger. Author. Poet. Word-Alignment-Specialist.

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A new review for Versions of the Self just went live today! Wow! This is a great weekend treat :)

#Indie #author

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Experts recommend that we try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Getting the best night's sleep possible IS possible, with these tips.


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Author +James J. Cudney IV tells us about writing inspiring female character Olivia for his book Watching Glass Shatter. It's great to have this talented writer guest posting today!

#author #inspiration

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Enjoy a more relaxing time as a parent eating with your toddler by following these handy tips.

#family #food #kids

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How wonderful to learn more about +D. G. Kaye's newest #memoir via this author spotlight on +Tina Frisco's blog today :)


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Help make your dream home clearer to you by understanding the available options.

#house #realestate

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Women are under-represented in some workplaces. Let's change that with these 4 careers for fearless females!


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Practice your fitness and wellness safely at the gym with these tips, including doing a proper warm up.

#health #fitness

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As a mom, you may find that you don’t always feel like yourself anymore - and that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here's more.

#family #self #identity

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