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Is there a difference between uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage?

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How to handle your property damage after a car accident in Arizona.

Property damage can be complex. This free guide will tell you everything you need to know about handling property damage to your car without hassle. Get the facts. Stop guessing. #Phoenix  

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Property damage to your car can be very complex. This free white paper will help in guiding you through the entire property damage process in Arizona. Make sure you get the facts. Stop guessing.
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One of our popular posts: Should you really trust personal injury settlement calculators? No. See why.

You've seen them on many legal websites. Settlement calculators.  They are supposed to give you an ‘accurate’ prediction of what exactly your case is worth. Really?


These are a cute advertising gimmick, but these have zero application in real life.  Put that in big, bold capital letters:  ZERO

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Christopher Zachar

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You suffer a slip and fall injury, do you know what to do? Follow these steps to make sure your rights are covered!

Suppose you’re shopping in your favorite store and then suddenly lose your footing and wind up on the floor. You’re embarrassed at first. Then, the pain hits. Then, the manager is in your face asking you questions. Your head is swirling. What do you do?

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      It the HumpdayEdition of the LegalBeagleNews with #Bestlegalblogers  and cover story from +David Slepkow Our editor is  Laurie Robbins who is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta and President of Robbins & Associates, a wife, mom. I fight for clients, and promote good news . This magazine is compiled with the help of many great lawyers around the country.
  Thanks to +Dave Gormley +Dave Abels +James Novak +James Murphy +James Bergener +Sylvan De Jardo +Chris Limberopoulos +Christopher Zachar +Christopher Pearsall +Christopher Hoffmann +Chris Dreyer +James Novak +Mike Allton +Anneshia Miller Grant +Atchuthan Sris +William W Hurst Attorney +Howard Woodley Bailey +Anthony Castelli +Anthony Morgese +Tina Bonrud +Charlotte Christian Law +Shawn Curry +Tucker Clagett +Sean M. Cleary +Circle of Legal Trust +Distracted Driving is Dangerous +Tina Willis Law - Orlando +Ann Arbor DUI Attorney Stacey M. Washington, Attorney and Counselor +Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Mackauf, Bloom & Rubinowitz +Bonnie Manis +Lisa Marie Vari +Amanda Payton +Debrah Diva +Jason Dunkle +Michael Ehline +Michigan Auto Law +Ron Miller +Matthew Dolman +Ron Miller +Jesse Reiter +Jeffery Robinette +Jeffrey Lapin +Brian M. Fishman +Brian Victor +Steven Sweat +Stephan Futeral +Anthony Gair +Arash Hashemi +Irma Kamberi +Page 1 Solutions LLC +Russell Matthews +Donald Petersen  +Jonathan Rosenfeld +Andre van Wyk +Andrews Bongar Gormley & Clagett +K. Lawson Wellington +Edward Weinstein +Christopher Zachar +R. Patrick Link More rebelmouse trouble: the featured story does not appear on the screen ; the story that appears has been deleted so I don't know what happened. Sorry. #Atlantaautoaccidentlawyer  
Laurie Robbins is a personal injury attorney in Atlanta and President of Robbins & Assocaites, a wife, mom. I fight for clients, and promote good news . This magazine is compiled with the help of many great lawyers around the country;#Atlanta #SandySpringsGa email; call: 404-252-8117. Powered by RebelMouse
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thank you +Christopher Zachar 
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Christopher Zachar

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What happens when you slip and fall in a store?

An experienced Arizona slip and fall lawyer knows that many accidents occur when people are doing commonplace things. In doing so, not expecting danger, they let their guard down.

One place that this happens all too frequently is a grocery or department store.

In addition to being a place where most people feel relaxed, it’s also a place where people’s minds tend to be focused on their shopping and not their surroundings.

(Indeed, all of the bright colors, signs and products are intended for you to look at them, and not at the floor.)

Does this mean then that a person who does take a fall in a supermarket has no legal remedy if they were thinking about which brand of peaches to buy when it happened?

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Christopher Zachar

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Will filing lawsuits make everyone’s insurance rates go up?

Facts vs. Myths. What's the truth? Get the facts.

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What happens if you are in a car accident and file a lawsuit? Does it really make everyone's insurance rates go up? Get the facts. Stop guessing.
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Would love to take a look, +Kazan Law! Thanks for keeping us in mind. 
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Christopher Zachar

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What is the personal injury claim process in Arizona? #Phoenix  

In a very brief nutshell:

A lawsuit is filed, laying out the basic facts of the claim. The lawsuit must then be personally “served” on the defendant(s).

Thereafter, defendant’s legal counsel (usually hired by defendant’s liability insurance carrier) files an Answer, which often acknowledges the subject incident, may or may not admit fault, and which will usually challenge causation and/or the nature and extent of the plaintiff’s injuries.

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Christopher Zachar

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5 of the most common questions personal injury lawyers are asked.

Below is a small list of the most commonly asked questions that injury lawyers face almost on a daily basis. 

1. What is my case worth?
2. How long will this take?
3. How do injury lawyers get paid?
4. Can you add your fees to my settlement?
5. Why should I use my own insurance (health or auto) if the other driver is at fault?

Get these questions answered. Stop guessing. Get facts. #Phoenix   #Arizona  

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Chris Zachar is a certified specialist in Phoenix Personal Injury and Phoenix Wrongful Death Law

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer, Chris is a personal injury and trial lawyer who has practiced law in Arizona since 1992. He graduated from Arizona State University in Tempe in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science. In 1992, Chris graduated from the University of Arizona College of Law in Tucson with his Juris Doctor Degree. He is admitted to practice law in all city, county and state courts in Arizona. In addition, Chris is admitted to practice law in the United States District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Personal Injury Attorney, Chris is a member of the Board of Directors of Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, and has achieved a lifetime member status in AZTLA. He is also a member of the American Association for Justice, the Maricopa County Bar Association, and the State Bar of Arizona. As part of his specialized training, Chris attended the Arizona College of Trial Advocacy. In addition, Chris attends many seminars and conferences each year to maintain his high standards of knowledge and excellence in the practice of law. Christopher J. Zachar is proud to be included in the listing, of Southwest Super Lawyers, 2007-2014.

Zachar Law Firm cares about helping our clients recover maximum compensation for injuries suffered in accidents. Since 1996, Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer, Christopher J. Zachar, has provided legal experience to his clients. As an experienced litigator, Mr. Zachar has earned a respected reputation among his peers for the favorable settlements and verdicts we have obtained for our injured clients. Although most personal injury claims do settle out of court, our firm prepares every case to win in front of a jury.

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