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Dr. Joseph T. Johnson, D.C.

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June Special in our PARAMUS, N.J. office 🏃🏻‍♂️
Spring into Spring 👣make an appointment and get a (75.00) valued “free” custom laser 3D digital orthotic scan of your feet, and take your custom colorized report page showing where your imbalanced structure and posture already show the sign’s that indicate
Pronation and then decide for yourself! No pressure, it’s our pleasure to help all our patient’s are given this scan as part of their
Structural Fingerprint. It relates to why they came into us for their care in the first place!

We’ve been born with arch imbalance inherited from our parent’s genes, there’s no
Doubt about it, even 9 year old siblings have pronation traits like their parents... and they all develop degrees of spinal curvatures some advance to scoliosis which is not hereditary but acquired from uneven foundation from the feet up! FACT. Our patient’s love wearing them, bring their spouses and children, and relatives to get
Scanned and in orthotic’s. Our grade & high school,college & professional athletes: Ironman,marathon, weekend warrior’s, even inactive patient’s note increase of stability, indurance and less fatigue, correcting imbalances is the key, the body responds.

Most insurance pay up to 100% for pronation correction orthotic’s. We’re happy to see you take the first 👣step. Yours in good health, Dr. Joseph Johnson

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Orthotics and Spinal Balance.

Balance is crucial from the feet up!
The foundation from which your body-spine-muscle need an evenly distributed balance. In my practice I take digital scans of my patients, and appropriately put them in custom casted orthotics left and right. The results are elimination of pain (in feet, knees, lower and upper spine). And increase endurance walking, exercising, and my marathon, iron man athletes love gaining full potentials in those events! Most insurances cover custom orthotics.
Take the steps to call our office and speak to our staff and schedule.
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