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Has one typewriter, types.
Has one typewriter, types.

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Upcoming Hangouts - Summer Review and Hallowe'en
We're back for a couple of specials this month. On the 17th October we'll be reviewing our predictions for the summer and at Hallowe'en we'll be discussing Horror-meister Stephen King both in live hangouts. Here's some links to the google events. We'll put ...

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It's the most magical time of the year! Yes, that's right, Hallowe'en and not any other holiday at all. So what better time for the 80s Kids to group together and chew the fat over all things grisly, not to say gristly. So join Leo Scaryclown, Ian Curdlewell and Justin Why-god-whyatt for a discussion of that titan of modern horror: Stephen King.

From Carrie to Kingdom Hospital, from Pennywise the Clown to a bunch of sentient trucks we're taking a look at one of the central figures of modern horror. You may be amazed at just how much pop culture has King's trademark tropes shot through it. We'll be asking all the vital questions like how come there's so much of this stuff? And why are most film adaptations bizarre, mediocre or both.

Let's take a Stand, gather in our Dark Tower and enter the Dead Zone. It's Four To Midnight and some joke about the Shawshank Redemption that misses the mark by a Green Mile.

Hoo boy, that's one hell of a Creepshow on the Graveyard Shift.

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Six months ago they who shall be known as the 80s Kids made their summer predictions. They picked the movies that they believed would do the business at the box office and grab the summer movie dollar. Now comes the time of the Predictoreckoning! Were they on the money? Or were they hopelessly out of touch? Did they find the gobbliest turkey? Did they unearth a surprise gem? Tune in to find out!

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Sir Cobb and the Teddy Monster
As ever the full story will be released here on Sunday but can be read in full now on my Patreon page . If you enjoy the Bridgetown Tales subscribing from as little as $1 a month is the very best way to show your support. Subscribing is a little way to spre...

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LIVE 80s Kids - One Time Only Offer!
Hey Guys, Here's the YouTube Window thingie for the 80s Kids Grand Finale. We'll attempt to keep an eye on chat and also the Q&A app during the show. We'll be aiming to start about 10:30AM BST (GMT +1) but as usual there may be technical hiccups etc. so bea...

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Episode 106: 2008 - The Revenge Of The 80s Kids
Striking back against Big Bay this week the 80s Kids revel in the year of the Revenge of the 80s Kids. 2008 was the year in which the modern world, and by the modern world I mean the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was born. After the joys of Iron Man and The In...

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105: Arc Shows - The Inevitable Filler Episode
...And then the main characters found themselves embarrassingly in medias res without a chance to properly adjust. Such has become the lot of the television protagonist, their stories creatively non-linear, their issues never resolved in a single episode, t...

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Episode 104: The 80s Kids ABC of Cinema - JKL
Back we go! Back to the toy box of the 80s kids to pull forth the pack of letter blocks, separate out three and challenge the kids to make a word from the results. Unfortunately the letters returned are JKL, so anything that is not a noise you make when you...

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Episode 103: 2007 - Big Bay Strikes Back!
History itself has conformed to a shape that tells us the 80s Kids had a destiny, an epic birthright and a pleasing plot arc. For we have arrived at 2007, a mere three years from the finish line to find a wasteland, a cinematic apocalypse lurking in an unex...

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Subscribers Only: In Which Saeed Returns To The Land Of His Birth
"I thought I heard a cry for help," Saeed said. "Are you in distress sir?" "No, son," the man said, grinning up at Saeed. The sun caught a flash of gold on the man's eyeteeth. "Probably just the parrot. Useless bird." "Very well then," Saeed said. "I though...
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