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writer. mother. lover.
writer. mother. lover.

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Read an interview with the brilliant cover designer that made these!

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endings, beginnings and stuff
Did y'all think I died? Well, of course you didn't. Thanks to Facebook and the like, there's no hiding in the bunkers. I'm going to get right to it. This is my last post on this blog. Yup. We're done here, and moving on to something new (which I will get to...

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around the bend
I’m edging closer to the full embrace of my next project. Step by baby
step. How it goes is, I have a voice. A character. An idea. I wrangle some plot
possibilities, and then abandon them. Wrangle, abandon, wrangle, abandon, and
like that. But meanwhile, I ...

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on the trail
Twenty-six years here and I'm still bowled over with the transformation each spring. The saturation of color, the bone-deep fecundity. A particular shade of the brightest of greens; the verdant rubber of new fir. Portland is known, normatively, for roses, b...

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screen break
Guys, it's spring break eve day, here in the ridiculously mild Pacific Northwest, and I'm enjoying an unprecedented pause in work. That's right. A pause. I finished a bunch of editing jobs, am between LitReactor classes , am at the tail end of a business wr...

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epic love stories
Wow, somehow it became February. Thank the gods I don't have to post about food anymore. I'm going to post about love instead.  And chocolate. (Contest below!) What's everyone doing for Valentine's Day? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one of those fa...

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omg vegan sweet potato brownies
You guys! Thanks to that Averil Dean girl for the link to Ella - (Averil, we're gonna make the beet-potato soup tonight). I made these vegan, gluten-free sweet potato brownies , and they are, as advertised, delish. You all have to make them. Seriously. They...

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the egg and I
This morning, we officially became former backyard chicken keepers. For the past four-and-a-half years we've had a variety of chicks, pullets and hens, and in some seasons we were fully-stocked in nature's most perfect food. Say what you want about choleste...

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put a beet on it
How's the clean eating going? It's that third week of January slump, right? Maybe your toe isn't better yet. Maybe you have a slightly scratchy throat. Maybe you're looking outside at the gray sky and longing for sunshine. By "you," I mean "me," of course. ...

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