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The Group Singing Lesson runs this Saturday at 1pm. Only £10

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Learn how to increase your range, build confidence, perform, sing longer without tiring out, sing louder or softer. Its your choice what you learn and its only £10 for the 2-hour singing lesson. So, why not join us? 

Next £10 group singing lesson is coming up on Sat 21st November, 2015 from 1pm to 3pm. Book your place now!

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Take CVT singing lessons by Skype.

Complete Vocal Technique is based on the latest research into how the voice works for training singers. 

We use this to train everyone, in any style to achieve any sound they want. The technique is quite special as it can work immediately for any singer, no matter what the issue is. It is based on facts rather than spreading vague myths and pseudo-science!

Once you understand the rules of the voice and what you're capable of then you will be able to train your own voice, effectively becoming your own teacher.

Lessons are suitable for beginners, advanced singers, teachers and professionals. I also provide Emergency Aid for when you've had trouble with your voice and you need to get back on track.

I've helped thousands of singers with:
Increasing their range,
Finding the right tone,
Learning about the rules and myths of singing,
Working on interpretation,
Learning about breathing, support and sustain,
Preparing for auditions and competitions,
Working on recordings,
Rehearsing for concerts,
Learning how to teach other singers.

You can get in touch with me by phone or email and find out more at my website.

Ben Woodward @ Artist Studios Ltd.

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You can train your voice to achieve any sound in any style. You've just got to understand the rules.

Our singing lessons at Artist Studios in Bristol have helped thousands of singers.

I help you to become your own singing teacher and give you the tools and knowledge you need, which means you don't need long runs of lessons to get the results you want. 

You may be just starting out with your singing, you may be an advanced singer,  teacher or professional, or you may have had some trouble with your voice and you are in need of correcting your technique to make your singing sustainable.

I work with Complete Vocal Technique, a research-based vocal technique that works immediately. 

I help you train your technique, interpretation, help you with your performance or recording and help you prepare for auditions or competitions.

I also provide a free practice room to all of our singers.

Please get in touch and let me know what you're looking for!

Ben Woodward @ Artist Studios Ltd.

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Had a really good group singing lesson yesterday with lots of singers and plenty of individual questions. We covered tools for support, harmonies and phrasing, performance, singing with a louder rock voice, song analysis and lots more general technique. Next one is in two weeks time, on Sat 25th April at 1pm and is only £10! Read more here:

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Group Singing Lessons

We teach both one-to-one professional singing lessons, we coach speech voice and singing voice in any genre and offer our popular group lessons at a fraction of a cost with added benefits.

10 reasons to join our group singing lessons:

1 - You can choose to actively take part or watch the other singers
2 - Everyone gets a chance to work on their voice
3 - We can cover technique for all sounds, all styles and all levels of singer
4 - Every singer may have a different aim. So, the subjects we cover are your choice. Let me know if you have specific goals.
5 - Its not part of a course, so you can attend a single session, a series of sessions or come and go as you please
6 - Build confidence performing in front of an audience
7 - Get positive opinions and ideas from other singers
8 - Learn about your singing by watching others
9 - We see that every singer has something they are good at
10- Access a wealth of technical knowledge and years of singing experience (including CVT, EVTS, SLS, Alexander Technique and more) in a 2 hour session

And then:

You also have access to our free rehearsal room for an hour a week. Use it to train the technique we cover in the group session and even meet up with other group members to train your singing together. Essentially, that means you're getting free voice training!

Where and when?

Our group singing lessons run every two weeks at Artist Studios Bristol.
The next will be this Saturday, 11th April at 1pm. The best bit is that its only £10 per person for the 2 hour session.

Future dates will be Sat 25th April, Sat 9th May and Sat 23rd May.

There are limited places, so to book, just send me an email and I will confirm your place.

Best wishes

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Last Saturday's group singing lesson was a success, with 9 singers and feedback such as 'everyone here is so lucky to have found you'! 
The next one will be on Sat 25th at 1pm and is only £10! Email to book!

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Another shot from our Louisiana showcase, back in March this year

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Email me about what you think of our new singing lessons web page, let me know what you'd like to see added and win our free Voice Training CD! (Winner chosen from a draw on Fri 20/6/14 at 6pm. Free UK delivery)
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