On Monday, 19th December while watching TV, my new Sony Internet TV w/ #GoogleTV sprouts a flame out of the back, burning brightly for a few seconds, while making a noise like a waste disposal unit. Safe to say it no longer works but it also killed the TiVo HD that was connected to it too.

No other electrical devices suffered any problems, although the internet went out at the same time. The modem was on a surge protector that the coax cable ran through and it had tripped. Plugging the coax directly into the wall, bypassing the surge protector, the internet signal returned. Maybe there had been a power surge down the cable line.

I contacted Time Warner Cable and a representative and technician came out very quickly to investigate. They couldn't find any sign what-so-ever of there having been a power surge or over-voltage down the cable line.

They didn't know for sure but speculated that the Sony Internet TV malfunctioned and sent the power spike back down the coax, causing the surge protector with the modem on it to trip.

Now I could just return the Sony Internet TV to #BestBuy for a refund (presumably) as it's new but what of my #TiVo HD, that's about 4 years old now and was working fine?

I have sent #Sony e-support a message but their form limits you to writing a 450 character (about 85 word) limit, which doesn't help. I've yet to hear back.
Sony Internet TV (GoogleTV w/Blu-ray) blows up
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