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Just started using this (and other Coastal Images icon packs) and it looks fantastic!
One question I have is, sometimes the icons will revert back to stock after clicking on, and using the app.
Running the icon pack on Next Launcher, LG G5, not rooted, MM 6.01.

Any thoughts on how to make the icon changes stick and not reset on their own?
Forgot to add, I'm using the Heavy Red Icon Pack.

@Cyril Preiss  
Today I noticed a new folder in my Gallery labeled "appicones"
In that folder are app icons with the file path of /storage/emulated/0/sws/swn/data/appicones/"name of icon"    Is your app creating this folder?
Edit: they are in the form of .png files.

I've been looking for something just like this since the update to my Huawei watch in which the speaker was enabled.
Awesome job Cyril! Thank you!
Tinkering with it now!
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