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Social media marketing conversations for those of us still figuring it all out.
Social media marketing conversations for those of us still figuring it all out.

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Great reminders & new tips. I always forget about the formatting options!

Twitter is down, which of course means traffic on other social media networks is going to be hopping for a bit. Good time to catch up on Google+. (Sadly, I haven't been here nearly as often as I would like to be lately.)

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Have you nominated your favorite VT social media people and businesses yet? The celebration is tomorrow night, so vote now!

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Do you use shortcut keys to navigate the new Google+ interface? I need to try these!
Hotkeys for the Google+ Stream Updated

Did you know about these Hotkey shortcuts? (they still work in the new Google+)

Link to original infographic:

>>> More Google+ tips at

(and make sure that you Circle +the g+ resource)


I see we have a new layout on Google+ now. Interesting. I love the look, but haven't played with it enough to know the good, bad & ugly yet. What do you think?

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Business owners often worry about creating a blog and then quickly running out of content ideas. But the truth is that there is always something to write about! Here are a few sources of inspiration:

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A new logo is like a new pair of shoes... sometimes it hurts a little when you try them on, but once you walk around for a few minutes, you begin to feel modern and fabulous.

Are you active in LinkedIn Groups? Which ones provide the most value for you? (I am a member of many, active in only a few.)

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Need some social media marketing tips? Check out some of the great upcoming webcasts from social media leaders & marketing experts around the web. (Did I mention that they're all FREE?)

Our calendar is updated daily, so keep checking back. And if you're hosting or attending a free webinar and you want to spread the word, don't forget to send us details!

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