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Simone Dev
I love computer science, astronomy and philosophy, art and music, P2P-networks and eMule project.
I love computer science, astronomy and philosophy, art and music, P2P-networks and eMule project.

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For the Easter holidays WiFi Password Viewer is off! Take advantage!

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Ok guys, let me tell you a little story!

So, there is an Android developer, +Simone Dev who has recently developed an application to show saved wifi passwords, WiFi Password Viewer. I gave him some help for the UI and did the app icon and the Play Store banner.
The app has been released few weeks ago and has already reached almost 50000 downloads, which is a big success for us.

Simone worked hard also after the release. Almost all of reviews and comments have been welcomed. Almost all of requested feautures have been added to the application.

Today we received one of those reviews that I personally find funny, however they are not, as they can dramatically take down the average rating.
The reviews has been written by an italian user, +GABRY PUZZONI, who probably doesn't think how much work is behing an Android project.

The review is the following: " It's indecent that this app can't work on Samsung devices without root (I have read the description) ". The rating is 1 star of course. So Simone replied: "You probably did not read the description" and asked the user to change or remove the review, as in the description is clearly explained why the application need root access.

After Simone's reply Mr. Gabry changed his review: now it's " Remove it [the appplication] from the Play Store! ".
So we contacted him on Hangouts. Simone just ironically thanked him for his education. I tried a more kind approach instead, and I asked a motivation for those reviews. Anyway, he blocked both of us, so we still don't have any motivation for this behavior.

Now, the real question is: why +Google still let this kind of users the ability to reviews application? Why can't be developed a way to let developers delete this kind of reviews? The problem is not new. Lots of devs asked for a solution, the last I remember is +Francisco Franco, but many others showed their disappointment with this system.

As conclusion I have a small request for you guys. If you want you can download the application and rate it what you think is a correct rating. The app is free and you can download it from here: It will help a lot.

Thank you.

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Oggi voglio consigliarvi un'app che potrebbe tornarvi molto utile, soprattutto se dovete gestire diverse reti WiFi!
Si tratta di "WiFi Password Viewer" e, nella sua semplicità, è utilissima: vi permetterà di visualizzare ed effettuare il backup delle password di tutte le vostre connessioni per non doverle scrivere o imparare. Il tutto con una grafica minimale e davvero accattivante!

Datele un'occhiata, la trovate qui: :)


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Foolish review No. 12 to WiFi Password Viewer (
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