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I saw a brand doing something potentially dangerous on Twitter recently, so I helped them out.

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Some people know about these. Some don't.

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I'm blushing ;)

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(Perfectly Probable) Reasons I haven't posted on Google+ lately:

- The Rocky marathon has been on TV.
- I'm teaching my pug to yodel.
- I'm experimenting with cloning.
- I have a phobia of things that start with "G".
- My butt is too big in this dress.
- I'm purposely trying to be less popular.

It's definitely not because I'm always pressed for time with work and the active FB and TW accounts I already maintain and that I'm a person who hates it when people post identical content over each network just for the sake of posting!!

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Got this email today:

"Over a year has passed since I placed your link on my site. In view of the recent SE algorithm changes and penalties being given to sites regarding links, I am having to rethink our link strategy. With this in mind I have just made the links pages 'noindex, nofollow'."

To which I automatically thought "bunch of pussies!!".

I can't blame them though. Google has made it so that site owners are scared to death when linking to stuff. Even when it's relevant and high quality.


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Still working out the (many) kinks, but for the most part, the new CanadianSEO is live! Designed with Wordpress and Thesis.

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Snapped a pic of this biker dog with a helmet today. $5 to whoever gives it the best caption ;)
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