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Free Minecraft Maps Download & Learn How To Create Maps
Minecraft has been one of the most popular indie games over the past few
years after its initial release. It can be played however you wish,
since there are no rules you must follow to get to where you want. Some
people use this freedom to make other typ...

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Minecraft’s terms and conditions to clarify meaning of “trolling”
Mojang will change Minecraft’s
terms and conditions to clarify the meaning of “trolling” after
confusion about the term made one player think he had to remove his
Minecraft videos from YouTube, Markus “Notch” Persson said on his website. Minecraft player...

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Minecraft Creator Cancels The Oculus Rift Version Because Facebook “Creeps” Him Out
creator Markus Persson (aka Notch) has cancelled the Oculus VR version
of the game, because, as he puts it: “Facebook creeps me out.” His
studio, Mojang, had been in talks to bring a version of Minecraft
officially to the VR gaming headset, bu...

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Minecraft: how a game with no rules changed the rules of the game for ever
a world away from the violence and realism of Grand Theft Auto, but the
game being hailed as a Cinderella story for the internet age is set to
dominate sales at Christmas      There is a new spot on the tourist trail in south Stockholm, for a partic...

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How to make money online This article is one of those articles which change your life, you will learn how to make a lot of cash by work from home, and shortest ways to make money online   Cash is a key a piece of individuals' life. Without cash, one can't g...

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IF you search for job?

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