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Ethnic Chic - Home Couture
We share high-end home decor: fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, lighting and other interior design
We share high-end home decor: fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, lighting and other interior design

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Hello spring: check out how we love to decorate with plants and know which plants to use :D!! #ethnicchic #ethnicchic_interiors #botanic #elegant #homedecor

Bring life into your home. Glossy green leaves or a vase full of colorful flowers makes such a difference for an ambiance. So if you haven’t yet, get ready to upgrade your home decor with plants. However, we know it’s easy to get lost in the plant world,…

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Introducing the elegant style of Venetian interior design #ethnicchic #venetian #palazzinag

Traveling to the city of water must be on everyone’s bucket list. Not only is Venice the most romantic city in the world, but it also vibrates with rich culture and history. Venetian design as we know today, was created by mixing various styles together.…

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How a woman fought for her career as a the story :D #eileengray

Eileen Gray made it. She struggled and fought for it, but she followed her dream in design and made it together with the big guys. She was born in 1878, and we all know that back then, developing a career as a woman was very tough. Now imagine how life…

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Discover the new Osborne and Little 'Enchanted Gardens' Collection and read everything you have to know about the British garden history :D! #ethnicchic #osborneandlittle

It is time for London Design Week! Are you so lucky to attend this event, from 12 March-17 March? Then perhaps you will see Osborne and Little’s new collection: Enchanted Gardens. Osborne and Little is one of our favorite brands. Their innovative mindset…

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A unique wood wall design at Aesop's new store in Washington DC and check out how to create a similar design with coconut shells :D! #aesopskincare #elitis #ethnicchic

A wall holds so much power in influencing the ambiance of a room. Yet, it unfortunately tends to be a forgotten structure. The sky is the limit when it comes to wall designs. Take Aesop’s new shop, for instance, in Washington DC. This cosmetics store aced…

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Discover three designs of the new Rubelli Collection: Vivere A Colori!! #rubelli #ethnicchic

This year Rubelli Venezia presents us with a burst of colors! Vivere A Colori is a vibrant collection that plays with the combination of whites and colors. The combo’s are endless as there are 28 exclusive fabrics in the 2017 collection! Go ahead and play…

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Read the story you have to know about Pierre Frey's wallpaper 'Rise' #ugogattoni #pierrefrey

Pierre Frey was founded in 1935. Yet, having a long history is not their only story, rather there’s a story behind each and every collection. This marvelous manufacturer of fabrics combines materials and motifs to create a harmonious end piece. This style…

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Explore different cultures and get inspired by the Japanese homes with their minimalistic interior decors and fabrics :D #jimthompson

If i’d ask you to think of Japanese traditional architecture, then we’d probably be visualising something pretty similar right now. Japan has such a powerful and distinct traditional design. Japanese Architecture Their perhaps simple looking interior has…

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Explore the newest, elegant printed cotton fabrics by Fortuny: Crossroads. Meet 'Bivio', 'Favo' and 'Itza' :D #fortuny

“Everything is a choice” (Fortuny, 2017). Doesn’t it seem so obvious and straightforward? Yet, we often forget this as we get caught up in life. After all, we hold the power of all our decisions. Crossroads, Fortuny’s newest collection is inspired by the…

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Everything you have to know about Jean Boggio, and his new contemporary design for Pinton Manufacture #jeanboggio #atelierspinton

This year has a lot in store for Pinton Manufacture, after all, its their 150th anniversary! The year started off top-notch as they participated at the prestigious Parisian event, Paris Deco Off! Another matter worthy of celebration is the collaboration…
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